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SCX Volvo 850 BTCC upgrade

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Hi mates,

A few pics of my latest project, a radical upgrading of an old SCX SRS Volvo 850 BTCC. I am an absolute fan of this car and of this period of the BTCC.


Body has been largely modified, a lot of details have been created, and decals have been homemade (execpt the large 850 logos on the sides, which have been airbrushed ). Tough work (it took us 2 years to complete it), hope you think it is worth it.

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No, Slot Classic
That was the only way to get the stance of the real car! Realism was my only target.
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Very nice work. So much beter than the original. I notice you've even swapped the driving position over ;)
Congratulations !

This is the most beautiful BTCC car that ever appeared in this forum !

It seems a little strange form me that such a popular and spectacular category did not appeal to the slot fans of this forum.

The only resin body up to now is Pendle's very nice and (coincidence !) Volvo 850 sw from the 1994 season.

Scalex did some of the cars (Bmw 320, Ford Mondeo, Alfa Romeo 155, Renault Laguna, Peugeot 406, Vauxhall Vectra, Audi A4).

SCX did the Volvo (beautifully modified by Franky)

No japanese cars (Toyota Carina, Honda Accord, Nissan Primera, Mazda).

I think the Mondeo and the Audi need modifications, the others are ok.
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Well, I thought this Volvo could or would be the beginning of an interesting Scalex modified category, now that the 90's Btcc is almost vintage.

Bodies available ; easy to fix a nice sidewinder or anglewinder chassis ; plenty of space for guide flags ; realistic tires and wheels etc.
Brilliant project, hard to believe it's the same car.

Any plans to do the same treatment on the SRS Peugeot 406?
Not planned to make such a transformation on other BTCC cars, because my interest goes to almost every categories*. But if I nevertheless should do so, I would have an eye on both 406 and Laguna, which are imao the other most iconic cars of the 90's BTCC. The easiest would be to see Scalextric make them with a modern accuracy level though

*Another upgrade I did before the Volvo, starting from an old Ninco model...


To go there:


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