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SCX Xenon lights not working

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Having recently purchased my first Xenon powered slot cars, the SCX Aston Martin and Seat Cupra, I was looking forward to some fun night racing.

I gave the cars a few daytime laps and was very impressed with the brightness of these bulbs.

Anyhow, darkness arrived, but shock the front lights on the Seat had given up and the Aston only had one working. Race abandoned due to bad light!!

Is this a common problem? Could it be just a bad connection?

Thought it would be best to ask those in the know before taking my trusty screwdriver to them!!

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and regards

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Well OK then.

But if its so easy why hasn't SCX done sometinhg about it rather than have us do it??

My 2p's worth!!

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Hi Nitemare that is am excellent question.
They drop like flys, well SCX's actually
and as far as can see have done so for years. The higher the voltage the worse the problem, however my calculations show that even with only 12V on the track the transistor that fails is right at it's limit. Just needs an alternative to be fitted by the manufacturer.

At the risk of generalising I find it quite common that manufactures who do not have a background in electronic design, but who find themselves needing to use electronics, do not do the maths to check their design and can end up with this sort of problem.
Why they have not reacted to what must be a very high failure rate I can only put down to people putting up with the problem and not taking the cars back.


Matt you have lost me on the capacitor, where does that come in?
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i think you've hit the nail on the head rich, seeing as SCX-D is pretty simple, also whats your thoughts on the capacitor idea?

Well got required components today from Ebay.

Followed instructions/pictures on this thread but no joy I'm afraid.

My light boards were working if intermittently before mod now no front lights but yet I have perfect rears??

Any ideas please!!


Got the Subaru working just now, must be my "expert" soldering!!!
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do you need to add a diode if you still have the original light boards?

Hmmm... Does this apply to ALL SCX cars?

I just bought an SCX Opel Vectra GT V8 cheap as a "scale" for my new routed track. I was going to probably run the routed track at 12-14v (that's about right, isn't it?).

I don't want to blow my headlights while working on the new track.

... such a simple fix for a manufacturer problem...
It seems to only be the newest cars, BMW WTCC, Seat WTCC, Aston, C6R, etc. If running on less than the stock SCX voltage (14.8?), you should not have a problem. It is only the higher voltage track systems, like Scalex at 16v, which blow the circuit.
This problem goes beyond SCX cars, my carrera evolution c6r has the same problem only with the rear lights, thanks for the help though
Can you guyz confirm what type of 100 ohm resistors are best to act as the light prevention on new cars? 1/4 watt 5% Carbon film or 1/4 watt 1% Metal film?

Need to order some asap
Type & tolerance unimportant, but needs to be 1/2 Watt.

Where can I buy the 1/2 watt ones?

I've looked on Ebay but can only find 1/4 watt!
Maplin, RS, Farnell or Rapid will all have them, if all else fails put 2 x 220 Ohm resistors in parallel or 2 x 47 ohm resistors in series.

14V guys,
at least that's what it sez on the box for my scx judd....
which i've beat on for about 4 months and still has all it's lights,
had to fix everything else on it though....
Mods, please could you make this a sticky, or at least the parts that contain the information
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All the relevant bits (I hope) are in the Resources section here


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Ah didn't see that, thanks
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Cheers for the info Rich, Just had to try my SCX Honda Accord on the analogue track that was down, so rare a chance not to be missed. Lights lasted 3 laps. Damn. I knew it was a risk, but that is
ridiculous. And I've only just had a delivery from RS. Bad timing Riko.....
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Hi all.
I've just treated myself to some nice SCX bargins from TopSlots n Trains.

64320 Escort mk II Roger Clarke
63570 Escort mk II Eaton Yale
63930 Seat Toledo
62970 Seat 131 Abarth
62560 Citroen C4 WRC
50469 Ford Focus 4x4 (Ninco)

These are my first SCX cars in a long long time since my last turn out with a SCX Seat Cupra GT, lasted 5 laps on my Scalextric sports track before the front lights gave up the ghost.

I'm sure i've seen a topic on here about rewirering the lights on a SCX car but for the life of me I can't seem to find it again, I seem to remember it involved soildering a resistor or a diode from the copper strip direct to the lights to cure the problem.

I'll be watching this topic to see if some one out there can come up with a cure for this problem before I start running my new SCX cars.

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hey cabbyman did you see taxi's post 3 above yours it links to an article on fixing SCX lights

Hi Dangermouse.
No I didn't see that link on here when I read through but yes that's the link I found before and was trying to find again,
(I wish I could use this computer better)

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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