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With March 30th now only 10 days away, I thought we had better get thinking about what we want to do for the first Special night of this year.

Another Goodwood Members meeting inspired event?

People have certainly enjoyed the mini-endurance style nights we've had for the other three Specials of 2016, but it would be wrong to expect Peter to keep supplying his cars for it. I could supply SCX cars of various classes to do the same thing with some different machinery - GT, DTM or even rally of various eras.

Let's give it some urgent thought.

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So the decision was reached (eventually) last night

Next Thursday (30th March) will be the second NNRC members meeting, inspired by events at the nearby Goodwood circuit last weekend.

It will be a normal four class / race on every lane format, but for classes of cars that we may not normally run too often that are based loosely on races at the 75thMM.

70s and early 80s Saloon cars - This is for cars that ran in the One hour race on Saturday night and cars from the two Group A demonstration runs.

Rover Sd1

Ford Capri Mk3

Ford Escort Mk1&2


VW Golf Mk1

70-74 Chevy Camaro

Alfa GTV

Ford Sierra RS500

BMW M3 E30

BMW 635 csi

Pre War GP - This is for cars from before the WWII that ran in competition races of different kinds to open up to the Avus Streamliners as well as the Bugattis, Auto Unions and Alfettas

60s V8 saloons - This race at the 75MM weekend was populated mostly by Mustang Notchbacks, Falcons and Galaxies. We'll allow the early Camaros in too, as well as Mustang Fastback and other Yank tanks that were available in the 60s apart from the Aero NASCAR cars.

Early 60s GTs - This is for the cars from the 45 minute GT race at the weekend. So AC Cobra, Jag E-type, Ferrari 250LM & GTO, Mustang GT350 (Revell), Aston DB4.

Remember it's a fun night that doesn't count towards the yearly championship, so unusual grids will be actively encouraged and roundly applauded.

There may be eligible cars that I have forgotten in the above lists, but really as long as they are in the spirit of the classes, bring them along and we'll try to include them. Also scrutineering will be far less heavy handed than normal, so cars with cheeky mods will be allowed, like Pink Kars with different motors or old Hornbys with fixed axles.

Let the fun commence! After you've paid your £85 to get in! (Joke)

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I've had to use two!

Just call me "two boxes"!

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Probably in Tony's cupboard, Peter. I think Wes was using the only other green GTO, and I'm fairly sure it was borrowed from Tony's stash.

So results from last nights fun were;

  1. Steve 105pts
  2. Chris 102pts
  3. Reuben 102pts
  4. Peter 91pts
  5. Will 85pts
  6. Jim 82pts
  7. Tim 76pts
  8. Wes 67pts
  9. Dave 46pts

So well done to Steve for the win. I'm not certain, but I think that may be his first ever meeting win.

Chris and Reuben effectively tied for second place, but as this is a one-off event, using Tony's "countback" method, gives the advantage to Chris by virtue of one more heat win 8-7.

Two maximum 36s were scored on the night. Both by people using borrowed cars - Steve using Peter's BMW 635csi in Group A/BSCC and Chris using Dave's '69 Camaro in V8 saloons.

Also well done to Peter for managing to use 24 different cars in his 24 heats and still managing to come 4th overall.

So breaking the meeting down into individual classes;

Group A / BSCC

  1. Steve 36pts - Spirit BMW 635csi
  2. Peter 31pts - Hornby BMW M3 E30, '70 Camaro, Mk1 Escort, SCX Mk2 Escort, BMW M3 E30 (Mabuchi) & Ninco Sierra
  3. Reuben 26pts - SCX Sierra
  4. Jim 21pts - Hornby Sierra (current), Mk2 Escort, '70 Camaro, Capri Mk3, Rover 3500 SD1 & SCX BMW M3 E30
  5. Will 20pts - SCX BMW M3 E30
  6. Tim 18pts - Hornby Mk1 Escort and Sierra (original)
  7. Chris 17pts - Hornby Mk1 & 2 Escorts
  8. Dave 11pts - Hornby Mk1 Escort
  9. Wes 9pts - SCX BMW M3 E30 (Mabuchi)


  1. Steve 34pts - Carrera Mercedes Streamliner
  2. Tim 26pts - Cartrix Alfetta
  3. Chris 23pts - Carrera Mercedes Streamliner
  4. Jim 22pts - Cartrix Alfetta & Pink Kar Auto Union
  5. Peter 20pts - Carrera Mercedes & Auto Union Streamliners, Cartrix Alfetta, Pink Kar Bugattis (2) & Auto Union
  6. Wes 20pts - Pink Kar Auto Union
  7. Reuben 19pts - Pink Kar Bugatti
  8. Will 15pts - Pink Kar Auto Union
  9. Dave 10 pts - Pink Kar Bugatti

V8 Saloons

  1. Chris 36pts - Hornby '69 Camaro
  2. Will 26pts - Hornby '69 Camaro
  3. Reuben 25pts - Pioneer Mustang Fastback
  4. Jim 20pts - Hornby '69 Camaro, Mercury Cougar, Pioneer Mustang Notchbacks (2) & Revell Galaxie
  5. Wes 20pts - Pioneer Charger (General Lee)
  6. Peter 19pts - Carrera Plymouth Roadrunner, Hornby '69 Camaro, Revell Galaxies (2) & Plymouth GTX
  7. Steve 19pts - Pioneer Mustang Fastback
  8. Tim 15pts - Hornby '69 Camaro & Mustang Fastback
  9. Dave 9pts - Hornby Mustang Fastback

60s GT

  1. Reuben 32pts - Pink Kar Ferrari 250GTO
  2. Chris 26pts - Reprotec Cobra
  3. Will 24pts - Ninco Healey
  4. Peter 21pts - Carrera Cobra, Fly Ferrari 250LM, Pink Kar Ferrari 250GTOs (2), Revell E-type Hardtop & Mustang GT350
  5. Jim 19pts - Carrera Aston Martin DB5, Fly Ferrari 250LM, Ninco Cobra, E-type Hardtop, Pink Kar Ferrari 250GTO & Revell Mustang GT350
  6. Wes 18pts - Pink Kar Ferrari 250GTO
  7. Tim 17pts - Ninco E-type 2+2
  8. Steve 16pts - Fly Ferrari 250LM
  9. Dave 16pts - Ninco Cobra

Food for thought for the next special night at the end of June - how about trying to resurrect the Team Challenge against Farnham?
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