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I am trying to determine the 5-digit factory part numbers for the following SCX track sections.

SCX Off Road Standard Curve
SCX Off Road Half Straight
SCX Off Road Long Straight
SCX Off Road Fall / convex from bridge down
SCX Off Road Rise / concave from base upwards
SCX Off Road Sand Dune
SCX Off Road Oasis
SCX Off Road Rickety Bridge

SCX Supersliding Inner Curve (corner chicane)
SCX Supersliding Curve (corner chicane)
SCX Supersliding Straight Chicane

I am aware that the above come in various sets (e.g. 88620 Supersliding Inner Curve set). However it is the individual track section part numbers that I seek.

Likewise I seek the PT numbers for the following Scalextric classic track sections

Scalextric Goodwood Chicane - left kink
Scalextric Goodwood Chicane - straight chicane
Scalextric Goodwood Chicane - right kink

Scalextric Rocks (Lxxxx?) as used on C164 Rough Terrain Track

Finally, if a 'Short Chicane' comprises two straight chicane pieces, what is the correct name of each (e.g. Start Chicane / End Chicane) ?

Thanks in advance for your response.
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