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This is a Speedy Don's 1/24 slot drag car. I used to race this with my dad when I was younger. It worked the last time i used it, but I don't have access to a track anymore to see how well it works or give any time information. It has a hard camaro body (94 i think?). The body needs replaced, the windshield/t-top assembly fell out when my dad tried to clean the glue off it with lighter fluid a while back (shoulda tested it on his car first!).. In the pic i glued the windows back in, but they've fallen back out since. The armature in the motor says GRP20, don't know anything else about the motor other then that (and that its fast and cost too much?), been too long. The brushes are a bit frayed on the end, could probably use replacement, but should work. Theres some fuzz on the rear tires, dunno how easy that will be to get off..

I'm looking for around 150 or best offer on this.
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