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Sensor straight compatibility between power bases

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I am about to separate my APB from the sensor track. Then I began to think, and that hurt! Are the sensor tracks the same for all power bases, with the same sensors and wiring? If so then by using the same connectors one could easily switch power bases without pulling your track apart. All you would need to do is unplug the power then unplug the power base, plugin the next power base to the senor track, turn on the power and away you go. I have been doing some testing for the SCS wireless throttle system and have tried new versions with all 3 power bases, and it is a pain in the you know where to swap out the power base. I guess there would not be a large demand for this but I have found myself doing these swaps quite a bit lately and if there was a better way to do it then that would be great.
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They are compatible,just watch the wiring colours!

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