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seperating APB

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I know several threads have been done about this. However none of them truely address the wire size used.

First, can I use telephone line for the data transmission and the appropriate connectors
Second, what size and type wire for the power leads and what connectors has everyone else had success with.

ultimately I would like to solder everything once but use a connection point in such a way that I could patch in additional length if the layout changes /grows. I don't think the connectors would provide enough ressitance to cause lag or problems when SSDC is added, but I could be wrong.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

I swear if Mr. Flippant is the first to answer this question I will just start asking him first and save everyone the trouble of reading next time.

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Got to this just in time...

Here is my earlier question on this same topic.

Link to Separating C7042 APB

Go to the link to JeremyR's thread to see how the connections can be made off the PB.
It is the C7030 but the same could be done with the C7042 and an extra pair of power cables.


EDIT: note that someone else used USB connectors for the date and another type of plug for the power. Maybe someone else can link to this.
Found it! Here is the posting link... USB data links
Also see his picture at: Modified Powerbase (yeah, it is a C7030 but the principle is the same for the APB.... the USB connections look so cool, but cannot find the parts, so will go with the RJ45 connector myself)

Here is another link to the APB separation.... Separating powerbase for APB
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