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September Round 9

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Round 9 of the club championship takes place on the !2th September.

I can't make it this month, the first time since SCHORC started, so enjoy in my absence.

Can everyone pitch in, to make the event the usual SCHORC sort of meeting, thanks.
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Top night last night. Seemed strange without Tony there though. Excellent track. Thanks to Lee for the loan of Christine!
September - Round 9 - Race Report

Wednesday evening saw the regular gathering of the SCHORC faithful gather to worship all things HO. For the first time ever in SCHORC's history club supremo Tony was absent from proceedings, his brother Steve making sure the Stacey name was represented and most likely keeping an eye on proceedings to make sure things were 'done proper!' The gathered congregation got a bit of a shock when John Chell arrived in his hi-vis motorcycle oversuit, looking not unlike Marty McFly in that scene from back to the future. In Tony's absence it was left to Lee to arrive early and get things rolling, assisted I'm sure by other willing members, (I couldn't say who as I like to turn up after all the hard work has been done!)

Lee's track was a little different to the typical SCHORC offering but no less fun to drive. All members seemed to like the track, although most falling foul of the hairpin (nicknamed the U-bend before long for obvious reasons)

F1 class

The Tyco F1 class ran first with a field of 10 racers on the grid.

Things looked ominous after the very first heat when Craig put in a big score of 42 laps in the blue lane which wasn't bettered by anyone in any lane during qualifying. Apart from yellow lane Craig put in 40+ laps each heat to comfortably secure yet another pole position by almost 3 laps. Jim's steady driving saw him just pip Al to second place by just 7 tenths of a lap. Paul Homewood was looking at a very high placed finish but had a troublesome heat in white which left him in 4th with Lee hot on his tail in 5th place. John just took 6th from Nick by 2 tenths, with Paul Rose, Roy and Steve all closely bunched completing the grid.

The C final

Nick, Paul, Roy and Steve lined up for the C final. Usually the SCHORC racer's favourite the red lane proved troublesome for most drivers (except Craig) and was left for third pick which Roy duly took. Having only managed a shade over 30 laps in qualifying Roy stunned the field with a fantastic drive racking up 43.3 laps, the best of the evening, Nick took second with Steve in 3rd. Paul Rose retired about halfway through the race struggling to find consistency although not lacking raw pace as he took the fastest lap of the night.

The B final

The other racers were looking a bit worried as Roy stepped up to the B final as he again had the red lane. This turned out to be a very close run affair. Paul Homewood took an early lead with Roy second, Lee running third and John close behind. As the race reached the closing stages Roy was on a charge and was hunting down Paul, who looked like he was managing the gap. The gap went from 0.8 down to 0.6 and it looked like Paul had done enough to hang on to the win when Paul's car hit another racers stricken car on the track and came off. Roy went through to take the win leaving Paul feeling robbed. Lee claimed third with John taking 4th from the unfavoured yellow lane.

The A final

Roy had completed the first double step up for quite a while and found himself in the A final against Craig, Al and Jim. Thankfully for the others, this time not in the red lane. The A final couldn't quite match the drama of the B but was a good close race nonetheless. All the cars ran side by side for the first 30 seconds before Craig pulled out a lead which he coolly maintained in his usual style until the finish. Al and Jim once again found themselves in a close tussle in an F1 A final with the usual outcome of Jim pushing too hard and crashing and Al getting the better of him. Roy struggled with the yellow lane after 2 consecutive heats in red and claimed 4th spot.


After the excitement of F1 it was time for the faster MOD cars to come out of the boxes. Roy was sporting a smart looking datsun over a SRT chassis and John had a similar bodyshell on a lifelike chassis. Other than that all protagonists were using a Marchon chassis with either a Porsche or Ferrari shell. Jim having given up trying to get his LL-T competitive borrowed Lee's seemingly indestructible Marchon 'Christine'

Qualifying started off with controversy when the first heat had to be re run due to some issues with Race Control. Craig having put in a big score was the person most affected and after the resulting re run resulted in a damaged car was understandably not pleased. It clearly wasn't to be the Homewoods night in MOD as Paul Homewood struggled with an ailing car in one heat and had a dropped pick up in another which ruined his chances. Lee also struggled with his car in the first 2 heats but after some fettling put in 2 good scores later on. Al and Paul Rose fought it out for top spot with Al the victor by just 0.5 of a lap ahead of Paul with 198 laps each racked up. John took the last A final spot with Nick claiming 4th after another solid drive. Jim, Paul, Lee, Roy, Steve and finally Craig rounded out the grid.

The C final

The first final featured Craig, Lee, Roy and Steve. This was fun to watch as the race quickly split into 2 battles. Craig vs Lee for first and Steve vs Roy for third. Things were pretty close for nearly 2 mins after which Craig impressively stretched his lead and put in the 2nd best lap count of the night. Lee took 2nd and Roy just got the better of Steve who's car looked it it was lacking a little top speed.

The B final

Craig stepped up to the B final to face Nick, Jim and Paul Homewood. Although not racing 2 of Lee's cars featured in this one This was another eventful race as a couple of laps in with Nick having built up a bit of a lead there was a big crash on the back straight which resulted a bodies everywhere (Christine was unscathed!). It was decided that a restart was in order. After the restart Nick and Paul fought over the lead for about half the race until Nick started to pull away a little. Jim had a terrible start but managed to stay on in the later stages and just pinched second from Paul H at the death. Paul claimed bragging rights over Craig.

The A final

Lined up on the grid for the 'A' where 3 Marchon Porsches and John's Lifelike T Datsun. Al seemingly having regained his form of old took the lead early and drove a faultless race all the way to the finish. Behind him however a right old battle ensued with all three racers at one point holding second position and the fight went on all through the race. In the end all 3 were separated by just 2 laps (about 6 seconds) with Paul Rose claiming second, Nick third and Jon fourth.

Thanks to all who attended for making it another top nights racing
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