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September Round 9

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Round 9 of the club championship takes place on the !2th September.

I can't make it this month, the first time since SCHORC started, so enjoy in my absence.

Can everyone pitch in, to make the event the usual SCHORC sort of meeting, thanks.
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As said before I will leave straight after work to start the setup. One thing that I have thought of is the collection and return of the hall keys??

Is it from the lady we met on Saturday (Poppa H) and will I need to pay for the hall on collection of the key. Please can you let me know.
Well done to all for making last night an enjoyable evening, the smaller but tricky track in my opinion (who designed that!!!). Congrats to all of the winners in F1 and MOD. And yes Jim, Christine is an absolute animal to handle.

Yes it did seem weird without Tony. Hopefully see you all next month.
Jim, great race report. The video should be completed in the next couple of days. Some great races made it a very enjoyable night, felt a little sad for Poppa H as it was my F1 car that careered across the table and caused the pile up.

Be good to see Tony back next month, so things can get back to normal.

1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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