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Probably easier to find a photo of the rear end of a yeti, Phil, even though Maurice Trintignant drove the Serenissima car. Anyone got Louis Stanley's 1961 annual?
Books by two good authors (Parker & Small) record it as a T51, so Serenissima certainly changed the looks with that low rear bodywork.
For lack of anything better turning up, I have two photos of a T51 with the same 4cyl Maserati engine raced by Trevor Blokdyk in South Africa in 1963. It has the usual high T51 engine cover but otherwise may be much the same. The pic below shows the rear in glorious grey. The other, in colour, is from the right front but shows the exhaust and something of the rear suspension. It's in a book but I could scan and PM it if you think it could be of any use.
Scuderia Centro-Sud also fielded Cooper-Maseratis in 1961. Bandini drove the lower T53 but Massimo Natili had a few drives in a T51. Both were in the 1961 British GP.
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