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Hi guys!

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Sergio,as you can gather from my topic title, I come from the north of Spain, Asturias in particular and I share with you all a tremendous passion for this great hobby. A couple of days before I came across this forum ( a link in slotcenter), I read a couple of posts, all highly interesting and here am I. Registered and on board!!. My slot racing experience dwells mainly on Championships, it´s already been 6 years since I first entered a race. I race with anything that has wheels and guide:) Now I'm specialized in Rallyslot, as you Know here is very popular. This year I also race in a six lane Ninco track, because here in Oviedo we opened a brandnew slotshop: MR Racing Slot. Our web site is : Please fell free to make any comments on it. I'll really appreciate them.
If I am of any help I' try to make my best a give my point of view on any theme.

By the way, can anyone explain me what Proxy races are and how can I learn everything about them? We (our racing team) might be interested on going abroad and try these races.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Alan Tadd
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Hi Sergio and welcome to the Forum.

Some of the members on this Forum are very keen on Proxy racing, and there is currently a World Series taking place.

This is the thread on this forum where you can read all about it :-

World Proxy Race Thread

Also we are going to start another for 1960's Formula One cars and you can find information here :-
1960's Formula one Proxy Race

For more information these are the websites to look at :-

Graham's World Proxy site.


Chris Brigg's Proxy Site


Phil Kalbfell's Proxy site

If you take a look at these sites you might get a good idea of how they are run.

If you want any further information just ask.


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