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Not talking about the paint here, just a comment on the colours and the decals, as we call them today:
Liveries were simpler in the early years of slot-car racing. Cars were one or two colours, first with just a marque badge, later with oil company logos and driver names.
Water-slide transfers were available in an adequate range in the late 60s. I still have the remains of a sheet of marque badges, probably produced by or for MRRC, including MG and Elva as well as GP and high-level sports-racing marques. Driver names were available too.
GLTL changed things in GP racing, though in 1969 most cars still had fairly simple liveries, and dragracer's CanAm McLaren is still a one-colour car.
Anyway, while some club competitors revelled in doing their own thing, others did take pride in authenticity and were able to reproduce good-looking models without sacrificing speed. The cosmetics didn't take as much time as they do today.
Rob J
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