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Shadowfax slot cars - High Quality Slot cars, Resin Kits and Chassis for the Slot car Racer, Scratch Builder and Collector....

Shadowfax Slot Cars - created to provide slot cars, kits and accessories from the Golden Era of 1920's and 1930's motor racing.

I have recently completed 10 new patterns; all crafted by me from scratch and mostly cars that have never been modelled before in this scale from the dominant marques of the time - Alfa Romeo, Bugatti and Maserati. All bodies are vacuum cast in-house in the Shadowfax workshop and are designed to withstand the rigours of racing without comprising on scale detail. First three kits and RTR's are now available…


SHX001 - 1924/1929 Alfa Romeo P2

More info on this release can be in Issue 1 of our publication' Spotlight' here Spotlight Issue 1

SHX002 - 1930 Alfa Romeo P2 - 1930 Targa Florio Winner

SHX003 - 1938 Alfa Romeo 308

More info on this release can be in Issue 2 of our publication' Spotlight' here Spotlight Issue 2

This issue explores the alternate liveries of the South American racers using the 308 kit. Also included is the artwork we used to create the builds to download and print for your own builds

SHX004 - 1930 Maserati 26M

SHX008 - 1931 Bugatti T54

SHX009 - 1934 Alfa Romeo P3


I have also decided to compliment my range of bodies with the 'Golden Era' chassis. With cars of this era being narrow and most tapering at the rear this can presents problems for current off-the shelf chassis and are too wide in most cases. The 'Golden Era' chassis is slimmer than the FF motor that provides the power. It also features a unique front end to accommodate the geometry of these vintage racers where a solid front axle just doesn't fit without compromising scale as in most cases the front axle line is higher than the bodywork...

For full details, pricing, and ordering please visit our website:
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