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Hi All,

I thought I would share this project with you. I built this track last year, however my laptop died on me so I couldn't share my progress until now. Here is a test I did beforehand skidpad link

My brief:
Create a routed track which can fit though a loft hatch, and is still fun to drive. As I still live with my parents
a permanent track was not a going to be possible.

The specification

Lanes: 1
Area: 2400 x 500 mm
Track board: 12mm MDF (CNC cut)
Paint: Acrylic Eggshell water based paint
Slot: 8mm deep (CNC)
Barriers and gantry: 3mm MDF (laser cut)
Designed using Adobe Illustrator

Scalextric power base, DS lap counter

Other details
White line: 1mm deep route, 1mm mount board (laser cut). (I will explain this later)
Rumble strip 0.4mm birch ply (laser cut)

The Plan

As you will see its a pretty simple track. All of the curves are hairpin based. I did this to make the lap flow as much as possible in the very confined area.

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The build:

The CNC cut boards

A 1mm route to the side of the lanes was cut for the white lane markings. I had the lane marking laser cut from card. These slotted in the recess.

The Gantry:

The electrics being tested before I skinned the structure. I gutted a DS light gantry and used the components.

Laser Cut letters.

Lights were fitted for night running.

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My thoughts:

The build
Overall I'm happy with the end product. I was impressed how the materials and processes came together, it could have an expensive white elephant but it turned out OK. CNC and laser cutting isn't particularly cost efficient, especially for such a small track like this. However for somebody like me, who has limited carpentry ability, but is skilled in design this a great route to go down. My handywork could be improved upon, but at least I got the two boards to line up! One thing I would change is the track colour which I think is a little on the light side.

How does it run?

It runs much, much better than I had expected. Apart from the hairpin crossover which is a little acute, you can really build up the speed. The track surface reacts well to heat and being rubbered in. This is my first wooden track and I much prefer the driving experience over plastic, I don't seem to be spending as much time with the superglue!

Here are the fastest times...

NSR Audi R18: 3.856
NSR Audi R8: 3.937 Audi R18: 3.980
Slot.It Sauber C9: 4.012
OSC Peugeot 205 T16: 4.060
Scalextric MG Lola: 4.085
Scaleauto Honda - HSV: 4.089


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Hi Ben, firstly very well done mate
your track just shows that you don't need 5m x 3m of space to have fun.
Secondly, I think your light gantry is nothing short of SUBLOODYPERB!!! Well executed and well decorated.
Well done again.


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A guy in my club is building a similar track for testing purposes. The single lane is about 90 feet long if I remember correctly. The track is now being braided, it will have timing for a number of individual sections with the data being saved for later study.


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Beautiful work, Benjamin!

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Ben I don't know how I missed this one till now.
All the superlatives have been used on it so far
so I will simply say. WOW
kudos and great video.

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Looks like a nice flowing track. Perfect for a stage at a slot rally............
Probably a bit quicker to set up and take down than your average Scaley set too, that'll go down well with the gaffer lol

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