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The Maserati supercar shouldn't race in its current form since it doesn't follow the ACO (Le Mans) rules and the FIA has recently stated that it wouldn't be allowed in the FIA series either.

The ACO and the FIA are committing themselves to use the same rules from 2006.

Up to now, the FIA allows supercars in their series but those may not be heavily modified like other GTs. The race version of the Maserati is quite different from the street version.

The big problem faced by the FIA was the fear that all current competitors would disappear if the Maserati was allowed to race.

Since Carrera cancelled their plans about the Murcielago and announced the Maserati instead, maybe they should rethink their positions and produce the Lambo after all.

Since they have the right to produce Ferraris, maybe a much better choice would be to release the racing version of the Modena ... There are plenty of liveries to be done !

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noooooo please make the maserati there are already murchalargo's and modenas, somthing as different and beatiful as the maserati would make a great slotcar, regardless of whether it raced or not, there is a real version of the model and that is good enough for me!
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