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Show us your Rally & Raid cars

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I have a few pictures of some 4WD Rally Cars i had not seen posted yet.





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Here are some pictures of my cars:

My Rally collection

SCX Rally Tent

One of three SCX Escorts

The other two....

Some close ups

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Thanks Jaak, the SCX Escort is a stunner
, just ran it yesterday on my little test track in my study...

Not to fast as it is mostly curves, but great fun on the ice curve. Good training for non mag racing as well.
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Now that is cheating Bleep, nice track and lots of cars in one post.......

Love it though.
Cheers Bleep, blame me for your huge collection
but Mrs Bleep knows the truth....

Its nice to see that the NSR is popular and seems to be a very good car.

This link is quite good for info on Rally Raid: Dakar RAID
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No, just stick some NSR hubs on and enter it into the wheel debate....

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So my first AvantSlot, bargain buy. Only issue put it on the track and it went the wrong way, soon sorted and off we went. For a car with no magnet and fairly light I was very impressed with the handling and speed on my brothers Sport track layout.

The tyres are fairly hard, and would be interested to know if there are any preferred choice, my track is old SCX style, with more grip than the sport, but would be good to know choices?

Other thing is it worth putting alloy wheels on rather than the plastic?

But for my first Avant, I am happy :cool:
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