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Show us your Rally & Raid cars

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I have a few pictures of some 4WD Rally Cars i had not seen posted yet.





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Bleep, nice car with nice lights, the Tourag something else with that suspension

got some more rally cars to show

SCX Celica

Revel Citroen Xsara modified to slotcar.

Scalextric Mitsubishi Evo

Scalextric Subaru Impreza

Scalextric Subaru Impreza

Scalextric Subaru Impreza

Scalextric Subaru Impreza

Ninco Subaru Impreza

Carrera Peugeot 307

come on guys more pictures
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Hi all

just wondering there has got to be more rally cars out there

come on grab that camera and show/share them with the slot world
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Hi RallyP

thanks for showing those great cars

i just love those Teamslot Lancia Stratos
i need to get one to at one point

can't wait to see the other pictures you have in store for us

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Hi acefreecell

a quite nice collection you have there

l just like you apparently like that SCX Escort it looks very good in that livery

thanks for sharing!
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a very impressive track and collection there

i have to say that Celica is gorgeous never seen anything like it
it even has got a snorkel

{air intake on the roof} what brand is that

and of course that gorgeous Hummer, you just got to love the looks of that car.


Also a very nice collection

love the rock wall corner great looking if this is the standard we can assume on your fixed track it will be quite something

my favorite are the Escorts they look absolutely fabulous.

also thanks for showing!
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Hi Bleep

what is not to like about the car

it is marvelous, i am quite jealous of that one

i am also glad that there is starting to come a nice variety of rally cars here

keep them pictures coming
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Here is a new addition to my growing Rally car collection..

Why i got this one..because it was dirt cheap
and looks nice.

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Sweet and fabulous rides shown here,
Making a Rally track again and will be posting here again in not to long.

Nice work on that Skoda Gareth.
awww he changed the name and therefore making your comment invalid Snurfie

Nice SKoda Gareth,

Killerbee colors.
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Lovely video choc-ice.

These chassis really lend themselves very well for old school Rally cars.
Very realistic.... your chassis's should be a big hit here in France if you think about it

Might be seriously worth the effort to make a French Spanish German (Dutch?) Portuguese translation available for your site.

Soon to be moving to Brazil and looking to setup a raceway - store and import slots ..who knows.... the world is a small place
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If you need help I can help with a Dutch French and Portuguese translation.
Might know someone who can help with a German one.

Herbie is looking mighty fine with its natural handling

Forgot to mention I received the springs, thank you very much!
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1 - 12 of 990 Posts