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Wanted this livery for a while, shame it`s not a Ninco :)
Trimmed the axles to get the wheels under the arches
and a few other tweeks to sort the handling.
I think it deserves a motor upgrade (y)

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And now re-decalled as Roger Clark`s Lombard RAC Rally 1984 car.
Don't usually visit this section of the forum but I saw this and it made me dig out my Ninco version so I thought I'd post it here. The Chatsworth spin photo in the background was my own.

It was done some years ago and the decals were made with printed paper which is fading. Must get round to doing it with proper decals.

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Tarted up an old SCX Volvo. (y)

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Another Mustang rally car. 1966 Rallye Monte-Carlo. This is as featured in the movie "Un Homme et un Femme" which features several Fords in competition settings such as an early GT40 at Montlhéry. The Mustang driven by the "male lead" won of course, according to the script that is. In fact #184 finished 11th driven by Henri Greder. The male-lead was Jean Louis-Trintigant (nephew of Maurice Trintignant). JL-T was actually entered in another Mustang, #145 and in the movie the two cars get em... confused. #145 retired.
Anyway, here is the car, a Pioneer unit with modifications including the all important yellow headlamps :)

PS - 1966 was the year of the Headlight scandal...

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This one was an Avant Slot white kit that Steve at Staffs had lurking in a corner. It didn't have any clear parts in the kit and Avant spares are nonexistent so it was lucky that the ever-busy Spanish aftermarket specialists had this covered with a lexan greenhouse. I also invested in a lexan interior and the decals were from France.

I have to say, the decals are a bit of a problem. Firstly, the vendor sent me the wrong set - replaced without extra cost, which was kind. But they do not sit too well, don't respond to softener or fixing agent and are very fragile. So while this little monster is potentially a rocket ship, with Avant's mad motor mounted inline driving Slot.It gears (9/27 rather than Avant's 9/26), axles, rear hubs and tyres, I am slightly torn about whether to go all-out with it on a rally stage.

Car represents Henri Toivonen/Fred Gallagher on the 1983 Rallye Sanremo...

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