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Show us your Rally / Raid layout

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Come on guys, show us what you've got or what you planning on building.

I'm looking for a little inspiration of a little Rally / Raid project. What can be made to achieve a good gravel or off-road experience?

While you're about it, show us your cars on the track too
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As no one wants to start ...... i'll post some pic's of Routed Rally track ...... 35 mtrs in 3 sections interchangeable and independant.

Plus a couple of tired old pic's of cars over the jump

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I will be starting mine in two weeks I will be glad to post up when I get some things set going for a snow look..

Oh Nice track man looks like fun!
Hey gazza, that is just amazing. It looks tight for a 1:32 track. It must be fun to drive
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Hi Gazza

thanks for sharing

that is one great looking rally track,you people from down under certainly also know your stuff.

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Great pictures, how slippery is the track surface? It looks very polished. As Nuro, said very tight it must be challenging to drive on it.

Your pictures add to my desire to incorporate some difficult elements on my layout where the car has to be very controlled (that is no slidding).

Thanks guys

The track surface is painted with a polyurethane paving paint that gives it a "sticky" feel to it once you've done a few laps.

That's where tyre choice is important ...... so you get good grip from the start and get better as the laps build up.

I tried to incorporate as much variety into the layout as possible without going over the top so there is lots of tight and twisty corners and a few flowing, lots of negative camber on most corners + the jumps an off set bridge and also the trees can be moved so as to make that corner you never had a problem going flat out ..... now has to be taken with care.

In all there's 34 full corners a couple of switch backs and the two straights are 2.5 mtrs long.

Full link to track thread

There's a video of it and the other track we run on in the Video section;#entry307045

Also if any one is interested we're running the first Rally Oz Proxy Race starting this weekend (24th Nov)
First round will be on my track then Craig's (40 mtr) a week later, then up to QLD

See how this one goes and how much interest in it we get (and a few more purpose built tracks) it might give you guy's something to do next year in your winter time (35deg today)
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Hi gazza,

Nice track are you finding the scx xsara pro???

cheers louie
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well heres my two 2/3 tracks DEAD MANS VALLEY

and the mighty NEMESIS
the hill climb

the valley

HOPE THESE HELP >>> regards Dan
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Spectacular, rubberduck, great tracks.
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Great looking tracks there Dan ....... glad to see someone else has been biten by the rally bug!

Love the hill climb ....... looks like that'll be my next project ...... all i need now is some were to put it.
Love rally & raid tracks (and this thread). My own track is based on the Targa Florio and seems to fit here.

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Very Nice man the all look great I hope mine will look as good..

What do you guys use to paint the plastic track with?
and also what did you make the water with?

I have never built a track with rocks trees and so on but I got to start somewere..
QUOTE (JeffSCXd @ 21 Nov 2007, 20:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What do you guys use to paint the plastic track with?
and also what did you make the water with?The best place to start for answers to these questions is doing a search in the "Tracks & Scenery", especially read the "Scenery 101" thread, which is pinned under the "Tracks Index." My short answers to your specific questions are that I painted the track with Ralph Lauren "River Rock". I've tried many things for water, but the two products that I like for water are Envirotex and Acrylic Gloss Medium, and there is a long discussion of this under "Scenery 101" with lots of photos and references.
Thanks man I will check it out

JMSWMS what type track are you runing
rubberduck and JMSWMS you got any video of them great looking tracks?
The one that never was

Came across my old 35mm SLR camera the other day, and noticed there was still a partially used film in it. Took it to be developed, and this was on it,

Purchased some Ninco rally loops, and turn it into this,

That's as far as I got, because the missus went out and bought a spare bed, and chucked me and my track out of the room

And I was getting all the gear together to add some scenery, chicken wire, mod rock, trees, grass flock....etc etc..... cheers babe, love you

So that's why it is "the one that never was", shame, 'cos it was a blast to drive

Anyway, thought you might like to see my humble offering,
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Awesome !!
But... I would have thought that a Dakar fan would know its a Touareg ??
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