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Sidewinder help please!!

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Can anybody please let me know the dimensions( height, width, length) of the Fly and Scaley sidewinder motors?
I am planning to convert the Airfix 917 to a slot racer but want a full interior and, as this will be my first sidewinder, I was wondering which motor would fit best.
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You can find most useful attributes of these motors at Mabuchi's own web site.

I don't think the mighty Mabuch Motor Co will object to a picture link - hope not anyway!

More detail at
FC-130 Full Page Link
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QUOTE Except for label.

And PRICE!!!!

On checking around UK, you can find, in the very SAME major supplier's site, a motor in Scalextric spares section at £4.50 and that same motor in the FLY spares section (with around 5 different reference numbers) varying from £10 - £11 each.

I think that is absolutely disgraceful.
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