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Hi all,
I've been tasked with fixing a friends old sierra police car
! The problem is that it has no response, it's like it's dead! I know the police version had lights and maybe a siren, so it has extra circuits and leads, but there seems to be knownreal reason why is doesnt work! I've had it apart and all solder joints seem fine! Help me!!

Thanks in advance,

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I'm not really familiar with the insides of the Sierra police car, but generally you need to start eliminating the joins in the system.

Follow the wires from the pickup braids, they'll either connect to the motor or to a circuit board. Put a known good 12V to that point so you've got rid of the braids, the brass ferrules and the wires. If there's still no life, you might need to post some more details or pictures of the circuitry.
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