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Your signature is intended to be just that. It may not be used for advertising. A graphic may be used which complies with the following size limitations. To prevent signatures getting bigger and bigger and taking over all the screen real-estate of some of our members:

* Your Signature must be no larger in pixel size than 300 pixels wide and 150 pixels high or 400 pixels wide and 100 pixels high. Sizes in between these constraints are accepted.

To help you understand the size thing better, here is another graphic. Keep your signature within the confines of the boxes and keep the upper right corner within the line marked by the '*'.

* If you are a retailer, your Signature must not contain live links or ads. See Retailers' guides.

* A signature is not an advertisement. If you want to advertise, please contact us.

* Your Signature may not contain special offers or adverts; it may not be an animated GIF image or Flash, although normal GIF and JPG images are of course Ok.


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Nuro has made the max signature size as clear as possible providing both pixel numbers and a nice pair of frames to give an instant visual check.


There are one or two members' signatures that are also very obviously too big, dwarfing the posts that they accompany. Please, all do a rough check and either crop to size or otherwise reduce appropriately.

While we don't intend to enforce utterly rigid constraints on slightly oversize pics, we DO ask members to refrain from grossly exceeding the reasonable guide lines and we have the ability to remove individual signatures altogether or simply remove the whole post!
However, if people are reasonable and considerate, no need for any of this.

McLaren indicates some reasons why signatures can be a distraction.
For those who find all signatures distracting from the posts, the board enables individual members to switch them off completely for their personal viewing preference. The sigs still exist, but won't show for members who switch them off in personal preferences.


Click My Controls

Click Board Settings

At Do you wish to view members signatures when reading topics?
Select No from the dropdown options.

Click Change my account options
to save your new board settings
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