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Sillage Racing at UK Slotcar Festival 2014

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Hi everybody,

I'll be there with my show track. I'll be happy to invite you to try a famous "Best Lane Slot Track" :

See you in May

Best Regards,

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Will be great to see this for real,look forward to meeting you in May.
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WOW! That's cool!

What camera was the on-board views shot with? Obviously it was body off too.

Cheers, Nick
Sweet ! Yet another reason to pop along to the show.

it was without body. but now it's with body :

Tire Wheel Car Toy Vehicle



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Superb video footage, loving the constant curvature, with seemingly smooooooth transitions to different radii.

Good reason to visit slotfest for the first time


I'm Ready to start'n meet you !!!!

best regards

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Hi There,

It was a real pleasure to meet all of you this week-end and thanks a lot for all your congratulations.

some pictures :

Dave and Megane, absolutly usefull :

Some smiles ...

Adrian NORMAN, realy focus ... but the finger on the LC botton, you don't need to use it Adrian !

Sams worldinminiature, Xevi from Ninco, both Maurizio from Slot.It.

Thanks again, and see you next year ....

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A wonderful looking track and nice to drive round…..but I like to race and it was dull and unresponsive, maybe wireless could work.
Absolutely brilliant track, my son had a good few turns on both days and really enjoyed it.You can see how much in the second picture, he's the kid with glasses next to the ugly bloke.
Thank you David for an excellent track and for bringing it to Gaydon.
I was helping David with the track over the weekend and it was set up with variable speeds for kids adults etc it also had what David called professional speed which he used only occasionally to show that it could be raced faster maybe a few who tried it like that might chip in ! I think the difficulty is that at shows like the slotcar festival you get people of varying abilities and if you allowed full speed for most you would have ended up with a massive amount of deslots !!!
Overall I think alot of people liked the track very much and the concept of BLST It was for most something completly different from anything they had raced before and once they understood how to race it embraced the idea It certainly put a smile on peoples faces

I really enjoyed the whole show and a big thank you too all the organisers for a job very well done. I agree with others that it was much better over the two days rather than one.

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Like I say... nice to drive round and will put a smile on you face but to race on, not so good. The cars go round at more or less the same speed like a train set
As wookie has said festival mode was set a 6 volts and other than a little braking for the l/h/s corner hairpin I was flat out.
I commented on the fact that it was a little slow and was aloud to try the NSR R8 at about 12volts. Andy D also tried it

Great set up but as we know would like a lot bigger version to race on

Like I said in my previous post the speed in general was not as fast as is possible with the system and it can be raced much quicker its just that David restricted it for the show

6 nsr cars at high speed? I would keep the power down too, that's a lot of money to see flying through the air.
It's a brilliant track and system.
You should of come and watched the Wales and West GT Championship racing on the big 6 lane track on the Sunday
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Hi, thank you all.

Power was intentionaly arround 6v with 5% break. Audi R8 was 10V with 40% break. Davic System is available until 18V.
If you wanted more, you just had to ask me. Arround 300 personnes tested the system with nothing to see them driven level, I had to keep it safe.

But if it's the only problem you seen, it not depend of BLST. So it's OK for me.

Continue to comment please, it's very important for me to have your feed back.


After mastering a few laps on 6V I also drove the Audi R8 on 10v and it was entertaining, fun and challenging. Wookie, I didn't realise that was you on the stand otherwise I would have had a chat. Although both Davids were busy trying to keep order.

Well done DC for bringing the layout to the UK, I found BLST as exciting a concept as I hoped it would be and I look forward to building my own soon.
Not sure if this is already available on your system.
I would like to see control of lane changing left with the driver, but with an automatic overide if a lane change manouver would endanger another car.
As I approach a car, I decide to change lane and pass, at the same time, the lead car decides to do the same.This is going to end with a smash as I accelerate to pass and suddenly the lead car is still in front of me.If the override was available, as the first driver to select lane change hits the button it would cancel out the second drivers button press so that only one car would change lane.

This seems to me to keep control with the drivers but stops smashes.
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