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I was helping David with the track over the weekend and it was set up with variable speeds for kids adults etc it also had what David called professional speed which he used only occasionally to show that it could be raced faster maybe a few who tried it like that might chip in ! I think the difficulty is that at shows like the slotcar festival you get people of varying abilities and if you allowed full speed for most you would have ended up with a massive amount of deslots !!!
Overall I think alot of people liked the track very much and the concept of BLST It was for most something completly different from anything they had raced before and once they understood how to race it embraced the idea It certainly put a smile on peoples faces

I really enjoyed the whole show and a big thank you too all the organisers for a job very well done. I agree with others that it was much better over the two days rather than one.

1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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