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Sillage Racing at UK Slotcar Festival 2014

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Hi everybody,

I'll be there with my show track. I'll be happy to invite you to try a famous "Best Lane Slot Track" :

See you in May

Best Regards,

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it's obstruction ! someone who that in motor racing had a black flag !

Well I can only say what I saw, that's the point of an exhibition to show your product. I tried it twice on Sunday and once the Saturday.
Was a great experience David even though when I returned for my second race against you your car seemed to have more volts applied to it

Next year we will race at the same volts
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This was definitely my favourite track of the festival this year. I've done a fair bit of digital racing but had never tried a BLST track before. Before trying it, I had thought that I wouldn't like not being able to control lane changing myself, but the way the racing and overtaking just worked totally blew me away. I absolutely loved it!

My only regret is that I didn't ask for the voltage to be cranked up a bit so I could enjoy the performance of those lovely NSR cars!

Thanks for making the effort to bring your track to the festival David and it was great to meet and chat with. I'll start saving now...
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Well I thought it was a great system... at low voltage and high voltage.
Probably one, if not the, best of show... for me anyhow.
Really enjoyed racing Maurizio Ferrari on Saturday evening with a number of other guys after the show had closed.


Here is a picture of what I plan for next year :

I hope I'll can collaborate with sellers to make a big BUZZ.

Let me know your thoughts.


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Brands is looking fantastic already, David - and, just like Ade (and, I'm sure, many others), I look forward to seeing and driving the finished version next year.

For me, this track isn't so much 'something to see' at UKSF 2015... it's fast becoming one of the main attractions!
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