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Sillage-Racing BLST Track in Italy

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Hi Guys,

a year a go I got a BLST track from Sillage Racing.
It's equiped with Oxygen from

A large part of the decoration is done.
Buildings are fom Magnetic Racing. Modified sonme but all have light.
Track lights are inspired from another project presented here.
There are quite someilluminated advertisement panels from Miller Engineering/Magnetic Racing.

I've just published a video, but it's in French...sorry
I might publish one with english voice.

The video shows the concep of the BLST track, then a tour of the decoration elments, then a look of car running at day and night time.
I hope you will like it.

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Thge method of getting power to the buildings is clever. I might have to steal that idea for my track :LOL:



If the two surface are not flat, you might need to put several layers of the copper tape.
The magnets are needed to keep the structure in place.
Also the magnets of both side have reverse polarity, to avoid miss placing the building.
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Thanks, that's useful(y)


A very impressive layout and ytube video (y)

Nice to see the more realistic car speed, where you can actually see and identify the cars, not just a blurred blob.

Even more impressive was the full circuit racing line into and out of every corner.
Overtaking looked to be just as difficult as 1:1 with a few noticeable last minute braking "incidents", adding to the fun.

Look forward to any further videos you may post.

Nice Job.

In the video, I explain that I used one Oxygen controller to drive 5 cars at once.
This was for the pupose to show the over taking.
With one controller and with all cars on the track at different place, impossible to drive fast.

I agree with you, like that it looks nice!
I'm glad you like it.
I'll do more video like that, probably with cars within the same categories.
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Very nice Claude. The signs are really something. I also like that the decoration is well balanced for the layout size.
Some people tend to put so much stuff on their tracks - especially in small ones.
The powering of the building - as noted by others - is really great!
I am very interested in the start/finish line gantry: can you share a bit more details? Are you going to hook it up with oXigen so that when the race starts the lights on the gantry will behave accordingly?

One thing that I noticed is that some cars managed to rear end other slower cars: AFAIK, with BLST this should not happen. Does this happen often?

A couple more questions (sorry):
  • Which RMS do you use?
  • How long does it take to set it up?
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I don't think BLST has anything to prevent rear ending or even tail gating... between lane changers. Once those cars reach a lane changer, they'll get split apart into the two lanes. But if one car is faster, then it could certainly hit the rear of a slower car, prior to the next lane changer.
I don't think BLST has anything to prevent rear ending or even tail gating...
Sure, I know that. The idea of BLST is that it is able to detect the faster car vs slower one and reposition them accordingly.
In the video, the first crash that happens at 7:39 the sideways Capri is on the inner lane while the scalex BMW is on the outer lane and they are almost side by side: the BMW should not have changed into the Capri. If those were cars controlled by drivers, given that the BMW driver does not control when the car changes lane, then the same crash would have happened.
I assumed that BLST would take care of this...otherwise overtaking will be impossible.
There's clearly a limit to what it can do. It was likely designed on the assumption that cars would more or less be racing at the same speed, not some cars going around really slow while another car comes flying up next to it. In the specified crash, the BMW was already entering the turn on the racing line when the Capris was barreling down the straight. Now, David could lengthen the detection zone if he thought it was important, but at some point you end up in a situation where cars are barely ever on the racing line.

There's another one a few seconds later when the view changes, where the driven car is pushing another car into the turn. If you slow it down, you can see that the flipper switched, just not soon or fast enough to split them apart. Again, this will be down to the length of the detection zones.

I've yet to drive on a BLST track, but I expect it will work better when the cars are driven more equally/competitively. That said, it can't be perfect for every possible scenario. I bet it happens more than we realize, but most video editors take out crashes. ;-)
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You are right that there are limits and not all scenarios can be accounted for.
I have never raced on one yet, but would be interesting to see if drivers would adapt to the way the system behaves - for better or worse.
I would expect that I would adapt to it pretty quickly. I imagine you're already aware of other racers enough to back off as needed to take a lane change before a pass. This would be even easier. As long as you're not straight up pushing another car, and just following closely, which would be proper racing anyway, you'd be able to ensure that your car splits from the other so you can make a pass.

I wish some rich dude near me would get one. ;-)
I've ridden it several times, it's fun and works, it's the game of following the ideal line, personally I think it's semi digtal, I'm more charmed by activating the lc not by the position of the car but by the button on the controller. It gives more thinking and position finding on the track, choosing your moment when using the lc, this makes it a nicer game. However, if you like this it is a nice product.
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Wonderful presentation and track. It is fun to see cars travel at speeds closer to scale speeds, as opposed to colorful blurs.

What is the lap length and typical lap time?

I have been intrigued with BLST ever since I learned about the concept.

As many know here, I eventually traveled a totally different, perhaps heretical, path using the now apparently defunct DMX Slots radio control toy slot car system using their patented rotating/retracting pin guide system that allows lane changes at any point on the course chosen by the driver via the 11 non-powered slots available on the 8” wide plastic track; suitable for three lanes of 1/32 cars or two lanes of 1/24 cars, including the best racing line choice for corners.

Your track lighting details are superb.
Having raced on a BLST track a few years ago with the creator David at Gaydon it was explained that it was necessary to maintain a distance from the car in front .

If you tailgate (snowplough) the car in front it doesn't work.

So on race 1 with a grid of 6 cars David and myself quickly worked our way to the front , race 2 was a lot closer after a bit of learning.

The best overtakes are when you catch a car up and slipstream it to the clc, once you time your overtakes it's very realistic 👌.
The lap length is 15 meters.
With rubber tyres on cars like the NSR McLaren 720S, AMG GT3 or the Sideways GT3s or the MrSlotCar F1 GTR, the lap time is just below 5 seconds. The Nissan GT-R GT3 is at about 5.3 seconds.
Put sponge tyres and the fastest goes down just below 4.5 Seconds, the Nissan GT-R GT3 4.8 seconds.

The track is equiped with Oxygen, I user either PC Lap Counter or O2 as RMS.
When I'm alone, I mainly play in analog because I use a Lap Timing System I'm building, so no need a computer.

I uderstand why you might be hesitating with this system. You migth think the system remove the take over from your control. But it's not. You still have to plan your take over, watching the guys in front of you and adjusting your speed at the right moment. Its a different way than to have to press on a button, and you don't have to worry to move back to the fastet lane, because you'll always be on.
In fact, it's just a different system.

For the scenery, the illuminated panels from Miller Engineering/Magnetic Racing, give a life to the track. The track is alive, not just the cars.
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I agree that is a different type of experience than with standard digital.
I have never tried myself but I always thought that is was almost bullet proof. I was surprised to see that is not, but as Mr Flippant said, people can easily edit those parts.
I am glad that you have not.
Do you race regularly with others or are just off races when you have people over?
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