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My mate who works in the re-cycling part of our local tip rang me to say that someone had dumped some old slot car swag.
So I was there like a rat up a drainpipe.
Anyway. There was quite a few 70s cars & track by Scaley in decent nick.
But what got me going was a little Jouef/Champion Ferrari bodyshell.
Between 1964 & 1968 this car was available (at 2 shillings extra cost) in plated gold finish.
For some reason they made a small batch in plated silver finish, (which was the colour of the plated BRM).
I`ve re-built the car using the correct black chassis & Jouef parts.
The chassis is a used item, but every other part is brand new. Well worth the effort because the car in this livery is so hard to find.
Please accept my apologies for the photos. I can`t get the cars proper silver colour to show under artificial light using my cheapo camera..

Running gear of art compared to modern stuff.

Even the pick-up shoes are brand new.

An example of a plated silver BRM.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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