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Simple-H / Lights / Slot it Controller Problems?

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I run a Ninco NDigital powered using a Simple-H which has run great after help from Rich G - no problems there.

Problem 1
I recently purchased a Slit it cDigital controller for Ninco digital but have had no success in getting this to work, it will tag, and will operate the lane changers, will vibrate to indicate fast lap or out of fuel but will not control the car motor speed. I have put this to one side awaiting a test on a standard powered Ninco base. But has anyony had similar problems.

Problem 2
I recently added a ninco light set to a digital car but cannot get the lights to work, tried on different cars etc but no joy, the lights work if just powered as per an analogue car but not with my base.

Does anyone have similar experience or any explinations?
Does anyone know if the two problems are related?
Or maybe I have missed something??!

Any assistance is appreceated.

Cheers Martin
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Thanks Michael

Yes reversed the light connections to the chip and all seems to work, I must admit I had not tried that way as the ninco instruction advist to connect the other way round (red wire to 6) and thought I may damage them if connected.

Once again thanks.

If anyone has any advice on Problem 1 - it is appreceated.

Thanks once again for the help.

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