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Single Ninco lane changers

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I have the ninco track and was needing to modify the single lane change track the manual is for a cross over track is there any info on adapting the single lane change track
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Just follow the instructions the same way. Just only install one of the electronics boards. The principle is the same. I have several installed and they work great.
I have a straight X LC, and will be doing a curved one this week at some point.
yes I have connected the dead strips on my track. go for it, its not hard.
IF you plan to also run NINCO DIGITAL - N-DIGITAL then you should NOT bring power to the dead strip.
My track is full Oxigen, so I did bring power to the dead strips.
^ a good amount of money... but its been done little my little.
As you know the more expensive things are the controllers, then the chips. I only have 4-5 chips and I plan to make them last a while until the version 2 chips come out.
you dont have to chip all your cars... I have done 3-4 IROC and that should be good to enjoy some racing and have a good time. If we get bored of those cars, then we chip another 3-4 for the next time we meet.

its not a cheap conversion, but it certainly changes the level of digital and compared to N-digital it just makes driving much better and more controlled.
I was trying to get some help from on this but I guess he was busy.
Yes it makes sense, but then you have to bring power to that segment from somewhere else, or that rail will be dead. I had a problem like that, but since In analog I only run one car it did not matter to me much.

Did you get a chance to run the system yet?
Looking at the picture you just posted , your sensor seems to be UPSIDE DOWN. You want the black DOT to be towards the track surface. The Black dot is the sensor.
I almost more that mistake at fist.
QUOTE (nrwatson @ 25 Jul 2012, 14:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Power to track cars running fine with Oxigen
enclose a picture of the lane change double one
View attachment 10282

Thanks Maurizio

I keep saying this... the SENSORS ARE UPSIDE DOWN !
don't listen to me.. I dont know what Im talking about - heck I dont even own oxigen.
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Ok.. whatever works for you. Ill go back to racing on my track with the multiple LC's I have converted , MUUUAAAHAHAHAHA !
QUOTE ( @ 27 Jul 2012, 11:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>... there must be a reason if my wife says me that I'd miss the water in a river

Actually I'm pretty sure she hides my stuff, then when I complain I can't find it, she puts it in my drawers where I had just looked, and says it was there from the beginning

The same happens to me, I am glad I could help !
BTW, the boards and sensors fit in a curved XLC. I am currently enjoying one !
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^ It would be helpful to others if you post your solution
I know what it is, but I am sure other will benefit.
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Please dont change the wiring color Black is fine and it looks nice and clean.
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