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Single Ninco lane changers

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I have the ninco track and was needing to modify the single lane change track the manual is for a cross over track is there any info on adapting the single lane change track
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Hi, i allso have Ninco Digital, i don't recall any other discussion other than this thread on energizing of the Dead Strips on Ninco Track. I must of missed it. That being said what is the purpose and how dose it effect the lane changer operation ( with the car chip) I currently have all my lane changers on a seperate power supply with my Pit lane changer being on a manual switch. Thanks in advance, Robert V.
AHHA, i see said the blind man, thanks for the explanation on the dead strips. I was wondering how that was going to work with the standard Ninco Didital system. I think i am going to look into the Oxygen Wireless System. What has it cost you so far to convert. Thanks Robert V.
I have about 60 cars of all makes,but only 40 cars are currently chipped for Ninco. At 27.00 dollars a chip i have alot allready invested in my Ninco track and accesories without counting the cost of the cars. I have 4 lane changers and a double Pit lane as well as the Digital Lap Counter Tower. How much of this system of mine is reusable if i went over to Oxygen. Thanks Robert V.
Okay,sounds good i'll look into some more,Thanks again ,Robert V.
1 - 4 of 40 Posts
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