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Single Ninco lane changers

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I have the ninco track and was needing to modify the single lane change track the manual is for a cross over track is there any info on adapting the single lane change track
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On important thing: the coil wires are covered with enamel - that is, they are not conductive unless you remove with a blade the transparent coat. It is essential.
Have you done that? Please check the part of the manual where this is explained.
first thing to check is that there is power to the rail. Does a car run? Then, can you make sure the LC is powered?
Can you aslo send us a lage picture, so I can check if there's something wrong in the wiring
Neither of the LC work? Because if this is the case, then the problem lies elsewhere, it is very unlikely that both are failing.
How many cars have you got?
From your description and picture, dead strip seems to be properly soldered, and dip switches seem OK, in SSD compatible mode.
I understand both lane changer don't work, right?
Email sent.
We need to find a way to check whether your cars are properly emitting the IR light. Do you have any SSD lane changers that you can try on?
I just checked...... you are right!!!!
I apologize, I didn't check well enough and didn't read all the posts well enough. Thanks.

Neale, turn the sensor upside down.
... there must be a reason if my wife says me that I'd miss the water in a river

Actually I'm pretty sure she hides my stuff, then when I complain I can't find it, she puts it in my drawers where I had just looked, and says it was there from the beginning
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Neale, my comment was only refering to myself - you have every right to make a mistake especially when the manual is not so clear, but I should have known better

Manual is being updated with all the useful info which gathered from this thread.
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I've checked the latest batch and there's only black cable inside. Boards are marked with + and -, maybe you had a different wire?
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