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Single Ninco lane changers

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I have the ninco track and was needing to modify the single lane change track the manual is for a cross over track is there any info on adapting the single lane change track
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Just for clarity the dead strip just before the flipper needs to be connected it is out of view of the picture on the pdf file
You then connect the track as for analogue
Thanks Neale
Essentially the track
You need a different chip
The controllers are different ie need the slot it controller and the oxigen module in the controller
And new lane changer chips
You would also need a dongle
Sorry being a bit thick with the single ninco track
do i remove wire as shown thanks Neale
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Yes but the lane changers don't work done both the straight cross over and the single lane changer above with a link to the dead strip not shown on picture ( right corner ) dip switches 1 off 2 on 3 on 4 on
but the lanes don't change
Yes I didnt cut and used the end that was originally soldered
Power to track cars running fine with Oxigen
enclose a picture of the lane change double one
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Thanks Maurizio


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I have two cars and two controllers at present power seems fine as work well on the track
I have the ninco analogue transformer and running the controllers with battery packs both original controllers with the bridge plug left in
The dip switches are 1 off and the remaining three one
Thanks neale
yes and the other single straight doesnt work I am sure I am doing something stupid
The picture through the track in the instructions shows a little line spot which is what you can see on the reverse of the board so dont think I am being that stupid !!
Thanks Profoxcg
Brilliant all working well
I had the positive and negative the wrong way round thought negative would be the lead with the black stripe but thats the positive lead !!! I am too long in the tooth I thought red was positive and black negative or it used to be!!
No on the ninco track the power to the lane changer board has two wires a grey one and a grey one with a black line down it I thought the one with the black line would be negative
I am so use to looking at things transposed X-Rays that I get confused with right and left rail of track
Pictures would be very helpful
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