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Single Seaters

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Dear Friends ,

I am writing you this topic from Turkey . Yes a country as a newbie to Slot Car , but during the last years - we've gathered many people to form Clubs , and we are maniacs for this sports .

Anyway , my question is - in our club , during the season we hold three types of races , WRC - NASCAR and F1 . The F1 is open to any single seater - which means you can enter race with an Indy beside a Mclaren , and magnet is forbidden in our races .

My question is , I was racing with Ninco Rahal Team Cart - which is extremely fast , but unfortunately as the chassis is so fragile the engine mount and the bush holders are all broken , and as the motor flipped off - it destroyed the crownwhell completely .

So as Ninco is fragile I've decided to buy a new one , my question is which one is faster :

- SCX Jaguar F1 with proturbomotor
- Scalextric Renault F1
- Scalextric Indy

I really appreciate if you answer my question .

Kind Regards
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I have been running and winning with the Scalex dalllara for 4 months now. Needs about 8gms in the front of the pods, and wire reinforcing the wings as it can hit the wall pretty hard on our track. silicone tires. Otherwise, they are simple and reliable, and my choice for now.

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