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Hey there!

Sunday was the Milton Keynes swapmeet and I have to say that I had an excellent day.

The morning started early although luckily for me JEXY1 picked me up en route so I didn't have to worry about driving. Thanks again for that.

Upon arrival we quickly set up the NSCC table and stand with our super honed l33t Ninja skills so we could enjoy a cup of coffee and a browse around the tables.

I enjoyed catching up with some familiar faces and looking around at what was on offer. Derek Cooper was wearing a stunning shirt which may well have been better suited to a beach but had some very nice items for sale.

This is only the second meet I have been to this year and so went a little crazy with my purchasing. I managed to buy six cars in total. Three Fly, two Scalextric and a Pro-Slot.
Plus the new Roger Gilliam Scalextric book. Oh, and some cool crash barrier hordings.

So what are the cars you ask? Well two of them are very new. The next two are less than a year old. The remaining two are over two years old.

All will be revealed tomorrow in 'Slik's Wednesday Photo Bonanza'!



So what did everbody else buy? Post Pix Pls!

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My MK captures;

I only went looking for the Fiesta and Renault 5, the Mini was an Ebay win, just collected on the day, and Jamie let me have the MRRC body kit having seen my traumatised posts on another thread, thanks Jamie! The rest were just spur of the moment purchases inspired by the very keen prices, though we do have a Hornby DTM class coming soon, so the Astra could be counted as a pre meeting requirement.

Averaging the price for the 10 cars makes just ( and I mean just) under £20 per car!

Also picked up a Ninco Classic driver for a little- sorry, miniscule- scratchbuild I am working hurriedly on
and some Caterham wheels with Cobra tyres for a future one.

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