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For those of us who watched on and remember that time vividly,
it will always not cover certain aspects of their lives we know about.
It was indeed a decent account.
Only real gripe was the odd need to keep using shots of passing scenery at speed
or the tarmac rushing past to fill in so much of the shows visuals.

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The memories are indeed still vivid.

I will say that perhaps i would have liked rather more of the first hour content, more of both Gilles' and Didier's careers, but i suppose the Untold Tragedy line meant they were always going to focus later.

There was certainly also too much focus on trees, tarmac, peeling kerbs and water in various forms which i am sure they felt was foreshadowing.

I think i'm mainly glad that it was at least reasonably sensitively handled and not polemic. --cou...'senna'
Also it was good to hear from Joann/Jacques/Melanie and Catherine/Didier/Gilles
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