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ok , now you knew it was gonna happen didn´t you?

the rat GTO (ex carrera) was lowered years back around the time of the catalan thread, but obviously this was not enough, so duly inspired out came the dremel and the grinder. simple stuff cutting the chassis supports and narrowing the axles. oh and the tyres are normal scx rally stuff instead of the big fat drag tyres it came with.
the fat magnet box under these things is a pain and had to be shaved considerably, but in the end, even with all that, its still no where near what marcus has achieved.

go on then kustomart, show us your best..lets get the lowriders out for a show and shine

(err, no shine left on this old thing...)

oh and apart from tyre truing, it seems about 10 times more stable than the new item!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts