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SLC track section

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Finally got around to finish one of my slotcar project.

I have a section of my permanent track where i have a chicane followed by an S-curve. At the moment it is all done with R2 tracks.
I wanted to make the section more fun and realistic to drive through. I desided to incorporate 3 SLC track section as you can see from
the pictures.

As there is no straight section i needed to fit 2 sensor pieces, the first one at the end of the first SLC

The second sensor piece is placed at the end of an R2 track

As you can also see all the flippers got the "power to the flipper" mod which is done with relays.

I did not fit any additional sensors besides the sensor track piece, but i will use the new section in my permanent track and
see how many cars actually will miss the sensors.

Hope it can give some new inspiration to track layouts

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The distance from the sensors to the flipper is the same as if i had a standard half straight sensor track in front of my SLC so i can not see any "new" problems there.
Have not done so much driving with it yet so i have to wait and see if it gives me too many problems with distance between sensor and flipper.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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