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Well, not having enough room at the moment to build a full permanent multi-lane track.....but itching to make some scenery having viewed the layouts on the forum.....I decided to make myself a semi-permanent rally track.

The track is ninco and uses their rally loops, effectively giving you twice as long a lane in the same space.

Anywho, as it's almost finished I thought i'd share a few quick snaps with you before I get round to putting them properly on my website. All it need now is a few spectators (prob the new Carrera chaps) and some trees.

Oh, and the reason for the name? .................... the mdf base is sitting on the unused frame of a double bed

Ninco Clio waiting for the start flag...

Out of the blocks and under the pedestrian bridge on the first corner...

Scaley Lancer follows through...

Meanwhile, the Scooby-Doo is stuck in the service area...

In a bold move, some fool enters a 360 in the rally...

Fly's BMW comes through the 'Cathedral Loop'...

And a vague view of the track......





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Very nice track, looks like it IS finished! What are the dimensions of your table?

I like that service-area
Nice work! Is it self-made?

And how did you do the scenery and stuff?

I know, a lot of questions, sorry for that, but as you see in my profile I still got the never-ending-newbie-question-bonus


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That is marvellous man!! I'd love to own something like this, shame I don't have my own place yet......
Anyway, I saw the Ninco Clio in the first pic, how does it run without the magnet?? (I'm just assuming that you don't run it with one!


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Awesome scenery! Do you have any pix of it in progress? Looks very life-like. And the small details like the home-made banners with McRae's name add a nice touch. Where did you get those figures at the start line?


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Cheers guys. I'm quite pleased with it so far and don't think it's too far off finished. I just intend to put some more spectators in and add some trees. Other than that it's pretty much complete.


The whole thing just about fits on the base of a standard (in UK at least) double bed. Theres a tiny bit of overhang each side but it measures about 200cm x 160cm. In there I have managed to get a single lane with a total running length of around 12.5m (if my maths hasn't totally deserted me!).

The service area is self made. I was going to get hold of one of the scx kits but I ended up having a go one day whilst I had some free time. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. I amy add a few advertising hoardings/banners to it still.


The figures at the start line: On the left they are a couple of SRA figures (one is a marshall and the other is a girl with a clip board) and on the right are the figures made by Fly. I believe these were limited edition so don't know how easy they are to get hold of. They were very pricey for what they are, but the detail is very good on them and they are well proportioned.

I didn't have chance to get any in-progress photo's as my camera was playing up a bit (rechargeable batteries that don't hold a charge
) but as Maniba asked, construction was done as follows:

1. Track layout finalised and stuck to mdf base boards (using a few dabs of glue from hot glue gun so easily dismantled.)

2. Basic hills formed using 'expanding foam filler'. This gave instant height and form. However, the end result can make the hills look bobbly so I then went at it with a knife or two to flatten and get the desired shape.

3. I then used some sheets of 'modroc' over the foam hills to create more natural contours. Some areas were left uncovered as the texture gives a good representation on exposed rock.

4. Once dry I then coated each hill in turn in pva glue and sprinkled on sawdust (from local petstore). Once all the glue had dried, I painted all the hills in a base colour (normal emulsion paint from diy store). Once dry, I then mixed a little white into the left overs of the emulsion and used a dry bursh technique to pick out the details of the sawdust.

5. Details then added in to include a few hedges, lichen etc. Gravel beds were made from cat litter (set using pva again). I then accentuated a few areas on the hills with a little dark green scatter material, just to add to the variety of textures and colours.

I purposefully used stuff like sawdust and cat litter as I don't know how permanent the track will be so wanted not to go overboard on cost. Those materials are so cheap that you can afford to mess up many times


The Ninco Clio runs really well. I do (of course) run it mag less. When I first got it I tried a few laps with the mag and was really disappointed. However, I removed the mag, glued the suspension and removed the sprung guide and it's now one of my favourite cars to blast round the track.


I haven't put any flour or cocoa on the track yet, but I thought I may put together a small video of a full lap or two and will probably incorporate some dust in those
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