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Hi guys a bunch of people at SCI have been tossing around the idea of setting up a slot car database that would contain information on RTRs, parts, motors, etc. Measurements, maybe links to reviews, all the odds and sods that are recorded about these toys we play with but get lost in the ephemera. I was wondering if this is just more idle chatter or whether this maybe something of value.

The idea is that I would set it up on my new slot car site. I have a database and PHP all set up plus I do these types of databases for a living. I would make it available for a select group of contributors to maintain. The information would then be available via reports and search screens for all. I could also make it available to other sites in some manner to be determined.

Any interest or should I forget the whole thing?
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Hey there!

I think this is a great idea Dennis. Of course transferring the great idea into reality can be somewhat harder. No matter, most of the best things take effort.

I was toying with the idea a while back of trying to set up some sort of high quality photo database of every slot car available, ever! All would be shot against plain white backgrounds for uniformity and the person who took the photo would be credited. Maybe this idea could be incorporated?

I would gladly offer my help but to be honest I have enough on my plate at present and simply would not be able to find the time unless I don't sleep!

Good luck with this very bold project.


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