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Slot car racing music???

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Buy it!

I'll donate $1 as long as we get to hear some excerpts?
Reminiscent of the CDs and tapes from the 1990s/2000s that avid samplers used, the BBC sold loads of sound FX tapes then man and dog started producing CDs with pretty much every sound you could conceivably think off for the sampling generation.
It’s actually garage surf music from the 1990s. The band is still around, but the Hobby Hut Raceway in San Francisco that co-produced the album is likely RIP.


a vocal :

a instrumental:

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As a fan and performing drummer of surf music in my high school years and later in the 1990s, I had a great collection of such albums. I co-produced a surf music showcase at SXSW in 1998.

The Revells were a group of Hollywood studio musicians that produced that one single record, not to be confused with the Revels of the late1950s/early 1969s, one of whom, the saxophone player,
who did 360 degrees flips off the stage while playing.

For your entertainment here is a link to the now rare 50+ song Rhino Surf Box collection.

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Someone posted this album in another thread a few months ago. I bought the CD and love it.
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