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Part I: Slot car Enthusiasts
1. How did you become a slot car enthusiast?
Since I was a kid I liked playing with slot cars5874.36%
My family/friends introduced me to the hobby recently56.41%
2. How many years have you been a slot car enthusiast?
Less than a year 11.28%
1-2 years45.13%
2-5 years1114.10%
Over 5 years6279.49%
3. What?s your MAIN interest in slot cars? If other, please explain in the topc below.
4. Do you belong to any group or association?
Yes, I belong to a racing club3646.15%
I just have friends with similar interests1620.51%
No, I do not2633.33%
5. Do you participate in any exhibitions or meetings (and races) for slot cars?
Swapmeets and races in my country3241.03%
I visit other countries and participate meetings (race & swap) around Europe1114.10%
No, I do not3544.87%
6. Do you modify your slot cars?
I do slight modifications3544.87%
I do extensive modifications3544.87%
No, I do not810.26%
7. What?s your main source of information for new products and slot car innovations?
Internet and Forums7494.87%
Clubs and Friends45.13%
Meetings and swapmeets00.00%
Model Shops00.00%
8. How often do you seek for information in that source?
Every day5266.67%
Every week2532.05%
Every month00.00%
9. What slot car scale are you MOST interested in?
10. Do you have any 1:43 slot cars?

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Mireia Callado and I am a postgraduate student at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. I am currently doing a research for my master thesis related to Slot car market.
On my research I am studying slot car enthusiasts and collectors to learn about their motivations and interest, how they communicate, how they approach new technologies... I am also working with a Spanish company ( that is introducing a Universal Chassis to adapt 1:43 static vehicles to slot and I would appreciate your insight to develop my master's thesis.

I am posting a poll to analyse the slot car market and I would appreciate your collaboration answering the poll.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.


Mireia Callado

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Hi Mireia

I'd like to give you the most accurate answers I can.

Not quite sure how to answer the question
Do you assist to any exhibitions or meeting for slot cars?

I go to lots of slot car race meetings all over the country and occasionally in other countries. Sometimes I assist in running them.
These are slot car race meetings, not exhibitions, not swapmeets

Which box should I tick?

The question What slot car scale are you most interested in? only allows me to give one answer.
There are two scales I am equally interested in racing.
Is it possible to adjust the pole so I can give an accurate answer?

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The poll also seems exclusively keyed to modern plastic type slot cars, without taking account of people who build their own, or race & collect & build.

All of us older folks, in other words, who's been doing this a lot more than 5 years...


*** Leo A Capaldi ***
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I put "Other" for main interest on the basis that I am not a competitive racer and my enjoyment comes from "tinkering" with the cars to improve their perfromance. I am in the hobby as an engineer more than a driver.

Kind regards, Leo

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1. still class myself as a kid.
2. an enthusiast 2-5 years - just playing over 5
5. nothing local known about and the one swapmeet that has been held anywhere near me this year was impossible to get to by public transport.
10. never seen a 1/43 scale slot car at any of retailers I've been able to visit.

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Thanks for your clarifications!

Don, I tried to set quite broad questions for all kind of enthusiasts, collector, racers, vintage...

If you have any further insight don't hesitate to send me a comment.


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What about digital over analogue and V V

Anyway, I answered the questions as best and the only real thing I need to add is that I don't go to any clubs because I can't get to any and there aren't any in my area, but if I could and there was I would.
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