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Most of these tips are taken from my old tuning article at :
There are some other good tips there if you look a bit. Most of the basic tuning is in the first section with other sections devoted to more detailed race mods. The original of this article was written way back in the mid 90's when I first returned to slot racing hence some of the references to rather old cars. Unless otherwise stated all tips were personally tried and used. My wife and I put it together because there was little available for the "new" guy back then other than discussions on a couple forums such as OWH and some of the Slot E-stores.
We're very lucky now with lots of great info coming from members of Slot Forum, Home Racing World, Slot Car Illustrated, SlotBlog, Oldweirdherald and a host of others. you can easily find an answer to a slot car problem now with all these resources available.

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