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I was chatting to Allan this weekend when he was at Nürnberg. He was saying that there were so many Subaru's and still more coming out. Every manufacturer felt that they had to do it. We're at a stage where the market is saturated by popular cars. Take you pick, they're all there.

Many people feel that we are at a peak in production at least in terms of quantity of choice. The next few years will perhaps see fewer cars as certain manufacturers struggle to get rid of their excess stocks of Subaru's.

Digital will be big, but which one. Scalextric will come out for Christmas 2004, it will take until the Summer of 2005 or even perhaps Christmas 2005 for us to see which of the current 3 systems will come out on top. Who will produce cars for these 3 systems too. Will companies like AutoArt produce cars for each of the 3 or only for it's new track system?

I think that eventually these cars will get more hi-tech with digital chips enabling extra functions to work. Scalextric will eventually merge their SD and SW platforms and perhaps we'll see standards appear in the market like we do with trains. Allowing us to by a car from one digital manufacturer and run it on a track from another. That has to happen.

Motor racing in 1:1 is doing quite well (the last time I looked) so I think that our hobby is fine for a while.
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