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you lucky fellow - CJ23 in RTR has arrived in the UK as GS got quite a few and I think has got 1 of this particular model left. The other two CJ22 all went to pre-orders. CJ23 is the 1961 model which does not have the bumpers. I will look foward to your write up as although I've not seen one close up Simon for GS says its the best RTR model to pass thru his mits. Your considered opinion will help me make my mind up whether this moves up my priority want list.


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Matt, thank you for the kind words but this is not a review as I can't write this one without bias as I am great fan of the 250GTB (a car I would love to own one day) and Slot Classic. This car is not a production car and will be marked with a P underneath as is the Slot Classic Auto Union in my book.

The production Auto Union's were different in one respect even though only proto and 12 production cars were built. Russell or anyone else like to guess what the difference was?


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Having unpacked the prototype 250 GTB from Slot Classic I've only one thing to say. It isn't just the best car Slot Classic have ever made, it's the best slot car anyone has ever made, period. I bet it's exactly 1/32 scale



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I showed my best friend Steve (another car nut who runs a 911 as his daily car and has a Tiger as well) the Slot Classic 250GTB today and he loved it, so if you are only going to buy one more slot car in the rest of your life I would make it this one.

I am working on the write-up and will post it over the next couple of days.


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Good point tx,

now I really like the Scalextric Aston and Ferrari sport cars as I think these were two of the nicest 60's cars they made and I have both in a couple of colours.

The Slot Classic Ferrari is not quite as wide but the length is just about identical and the shape is very simular, looking at pictures of the real car in Motor Sport the Slot Classic car looks closer to the 1/1 car ( sadly I have never seen a real Ferrari 250GTB) but it show what a good job Scalextric made of this car 40 years ago.


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QUOTE (Rail Racer @ 5 Aug 2004, 22:51)sadly I have never seen a real Ferrari 250GTB
You must get to the tracks Jeff, there are some great 250's being raced, here's a couple I've snapped in recent years.


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The problem I have is time.
With a young daughter I never have a weekend off. I got away for this afternoon by sending both daughters and the wife on a train shopping and I filled the Merc full of Petrol and when to mid Wales and I had a great time in some of the Welsh national parks travelling with groups of superbikes who straight line speed was amazing. They are not always so hot around the corners as the Merc handles beautifully. I was sorry to arrive back home as I had so much fun.


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Now Dennis,
I live near Barry were a lot of train shopping when on, when British Rail scrapped all the steam trains and a lot of them were stored in Woodhams on Barry Island. Hundreds of steam trains were sold both to individual owners and preservation groups for use on stream tracks.

I have pictures of my children with lines of steam trains waiting to be rescued.
So train shopping it was!!!!!!!!!


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This is a story about passion, desire and obsession, a story about great
cars and greater men. If there was anyone I could spend one hour with,
talking about the cars his company built, it would have to be Enzo Ferrari.
As a man he was everything I love in a person, driven, passionate to
obsessive levels about the cars he built to race, and about the road cars
he had to build to fund that racing.

I am sure he would have said that winning was not just important - it was
everything. The Ferrari sports racing cars are, to me, some of the most
beautiful cars ever built. Cars such as the P2, P3, P4, 250 LM, 250GTO, 250GTB,
Boxer, Daytona, 512S etc - the list is almost endless, and Ferrari have
built more F1 cars than any other company right from the first F1 victory.
Ferrari have always been a massive part of F1 racing.

The name Ferrari has such an emotional pull to it - today, to many people,
it means the one car they desire about all else. No one who has driven a
competition V12 Ferrari - their foot welded to the floor, the front of the
car rising under the immense acceleration - could be anything but an
obsessive fan of this great marquee. Ferrari is the ultimate emotional
expression of all the passion that true motoring fanatics feel. There is
only one Ferrari, and to my mind no other car company come close.

Personally I love the Ferraris that could be used on the road as well as on
the track, and if my numbers came up tomorrow I know which car I would rush
out and buy: a Ferrari 250GTB. This car was made in reasonable numbers,
considering Ferrari's limited production, and it has a very elegant beauty,
an excellence of form which I find totally captivating.

Until the great day comes when I'm wealthy (something that I don't believe
will ever happen!) and can buy that car I dream of, I want a model that
expresses the same passionate level of commitment. A model I could drive,
if only in a scale track, finished to a level of detail that would move you
in the same manor as the sensuous lines of the real car would. A model that
captured to perfection this most elegant of shapes, finished to a standard
that the finest jeweller would be proud of. So, when Slot Classic emailed
me that they were building a model of the Ferrari 250GTB, I knew I had to
have one.

This company is run by a man just as passionate as the great Mr Ferrari,
and in the 1/32 world his car are just as desirable. Slot Classic have
built a line of beautifully formed accurate works of art - they are more
than just model cars in the way that a Ferrari is more than a pile of metal
parts, and a great book is more than paper and ink. They are built with a
passion and feeling missing from so many of today's mass produced products.

Slot Classic kindly sent me a sample Ferrari 250GTB, and I waited with
breath held for the car to arrive, knowing that this slot car had an almost
impossible image in my head to live up to. As luck would happen I arrived
home just as the postman did on the day the car arrived, and I could hardly
wait to get inside and rip the box open. However, in a way I was slightly
afraid - I had set an impossible standard for this car and was not sure
any car could live up to it. One glance was all it took for me to know I
should have known it would be alright.

This was simply the best looking slot car I had ever seen, built to a
standard that surpassed even Slot Classic's best efforts. The shape
perfectly mirrored the exquisite lines of the real car. It was art in its
purest form. I loved everything about this car, which is in the livery of
the Pierre Noblet/Jean Guichet car which finished third overall and first
in class at the 61 Le Mans race.

The silver colour looks fabulous with the contrasting central blue stripe
and the paint finish is as good as any I have ever seen. The model is 127mm
long, 55 wide and 39mm high, as compared to the real car's dimensions of
4150 mm long, 1690 wide and 1260 high. The original car was powered by a
2953cc V12, it's 1/32 counterpart weighing in with a Ninco NC1 type motor
and 8/27 gearing. The level of detail has to be seen to be believed,
including a working interior mirror. Every vent is in the right place and
the lights are great, as is the grill. The detail is perfect even down to
deflector mounted on the bonnet - the whole car shouts class, and is worth
every penny it cost.

It's impossible for me to be cool and rational when it comes to a model
this beautiful. It's a piece of art, imbued with the very love of cars that
Ferrari himself would have known instantly. I can only say this: if you
only bought one slot car, this is the one I'd tell you to buy. Sheer class.
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