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Slot Classic Pegaso Bislluro

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The Pegaso Bislluro (or bitorpedo) is a most interesting car, designed in 1953 by W P Ricart to the technical specifications of the sport racing class so it could run at Le Mans alongside cars like the C type Jaguar. This kind of design was brand new and had never been used before. This to me is a wonderful example of how brave design could then be, where nothing was too outrageous and playing safe was not an option.

In theory the bodywork is a simple and effective solution to the aerodynamic and weight distribution problems faced by racing and Land Record Speed cars. The car's first appearance was at Monthlery in May 1953, where it was driven by Celso Fernandez and the prince of Metternich with the intention of running the car at Le Mans.

The car next appeared on the 11th of September on the road between Tona and Vic near Barcelona in Spain as a test where the very brave Mr Fernandez reached 220kph. With no real way to test the aerodynamics of this car this was a real test of faith in it 's designer. Finally the great day arrived for the car to go to Belgium to set the speed record; but sadly after one run the car developed problems and the attempt was switched to the Pegaso Spyder.

The model arrived from Slot Classic in a hand written box marked Preserie No 06. Now, the shape on this car may not be to everybody's taste (that could go as one of the biggest understatements in history) but it really is a great looking car with the bodywork of the model curving out towards the centre of the car in a most pleasing curvaceous manner, with the most elegant set of head and spot lights set behind some very neat headlight covers. The model sent to me has the most beautiful paint finish - more liquid looking than solid - and the way it caused the light to reflect off the body was really great. All the details are painted in great style, the car is more of a style statement than slot model. How I would have loved to have driven the real car - which was, sadly, broken up.

The model has the Slot Classic new adjustable chassis which works really well, and the car performs in very similar fashion to the Pegaso Spyder: very enjoyable to race. For me the one feature which makes this a must have model is the way there is a cut out in the driver's door for his arm, so he has just enough room to steer the car.

The driver figure is well detailed, right down to his moustache, and is holding a wood and chrome steering wheel. Twin exhausts exit though the rear wings and the car has the correct rear number plate. When I first saw that Slot Classis were planning to make this model I had to wonder why, but having had one in my hands it's an easy question to answer. Would I buy one with my own money? I certainly would, as this model confirms why many people, myself included, think Slot Classic make the finest slot cars of their kind. Built with passion by Pegaso in a monument of inspired inspiration, modeled with passion to a level of detail almost beyond belief.

I have to admit that I love this slot car. It's really different from the run of the mill cars and I wish many other manufacturers would be so brave as to make something this unusual. A great slot car, almost too nice to drive. Well done, Slot Classic.


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Interesting read!

Do you have pics to go with the review? and some comparisons performance wise?

We have a template for SF reviews if you wish to take this further Geoff.
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