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Slot Forum Galleries or Photobucket

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I tried this in the SlotForum secret handshake area but, unfortunately it came in too large and Gareth sent me to bed without my dinner. I have since discovered the SlotForum Galleries don't automatically reduce the photo to a forum friendly size where as photobucket does..

But after great effort I still cant get the two photos to upload on this page at the same size.

So, SlotForum photo...

...and photobuckets effort.

(My apologies to Gareth, alot of late nights, my friends son is playing U21s Rugby in Italy, and No1 son is playing U16s rugby in New Zealand. So we seem to be glued to the tele at all hours)

What is going on Gareth, what am I doing wrong. ?
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Photobucket should not be shrinking your pictures. I shoot my pictures full sized, 4288X2848 pixels, with no compression. For display on my 24 inch monitor I shrink them down to 1600 pixels wide. When I post pictures I make them 800 or 1000 pixels wide for the most part. Photobucket does reduce the size and quality of movies.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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