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Slot forum test track....

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After finally getty my own track up and running and tuning some of my own cars GregK had a good suggestion about a way to compare models we don't own against the one we do...

The idea was simple we develop a "test track design" from commonly available parts that any of us could build on the "Rug" for a test session.. By only using times to 1/10 th of a second even the analogue lap counter timer can be used and removes the competitive element! hopefully

The idea is to see not who is the fastest racer but what are the fastest cars and by how much on a "standard" track then by timing cars with "Mods" we can see which ones worked best etc.... as long as we are all honest of course... which of course we would be!

All we would need is a "track design" to begin with to start to build up a table of the best cars... Any ideas, designs etc for the track appreciated.

So who is up for doing some testing of their cars.... if we can find a dozen or so people who would like to play could make for some intersting results...

I'm game... digital or analogue it doesn't matter all are welcome.


This has turned out to be a very successful (and long) thread. It's been requested that the final test track layout be
replicated here at the beginning where it's easy to find for reference. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, hope this helps...

Rectangle Slope Font Terrestrial plant Pattern



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I'm thinking an oval and maybe use ghost function to drive the car as fast as it can go on one speed setting without de-slotting, maybe inside lane so no wall running.
Then get the fastest lap this can generate and compare
Otherwise driving skill is involved
we should do track pieces all the track types have, for instance us ssd guys have no straight lane crossover( yes I know adapters, I have that in my pits

are we talking constant throttle timing, I hope?
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I'd be curious to see the lane length differences when you build it with ninco or carrera parts in the planner

don't we want it so the whole lap is inside lane? that's why I was thinking flat oval.
I like e/f but I worry about the R1 inside line brand difference, maybe an r2 there?

stock scaly nascar COT 88 National guard car 2.513
same car with yellow dog rears 2.404

stock SCX nascar COT 88 National Guard 2.734
same car with yellow dog rears 2.654

I ran them analog on the inner lane counterclockwise scaly track
all rear tires sanded "true"
JLC please, or F is fine if it's work
Thank you

Nice Table

I had been thinking of rebuilding this track as well! I added some gears and axles to my Nascars
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stocking up on SCX cars.....
Just got my Pro Nascar

Can't wait to build this track and give them a go!
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