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After finally getty my own track up and running and tuning some of my own cars GregK had a good suggestion about a way to compare models we don't own against the one we do...

The idea was simple we develop a "test track design" from commonly available parts that any of us could build on the "Rug" for a test session.. By only using times to 1/10 th of a second even the analogue lap counter timer can be used and removes the competitive element! hopefully

The idea is to see not who is the fastest racer but what are the fastest cars and by how much on a "standard" track then by timing cars with "Mods" we can see which ones worked best etc.... as long as we are all honest of course... which of course we would be!

All we would need is a "track design" to begin with to start to build up a table of the best cars... Any ideas, designs etc for the track appreciated.

So who is up for doing some testing of their cars.... if we can find a dozen or so people who would like to play could make for some intersting results...

I'm game... digital or analogue it doesn't matter all are welcome.


This has turned out to be a very successful (and long) thread. It's been requested that the final test track layout be
replicated here at the beginning where it's easy to find for reference. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, hope this helps...

Rectangle Slope Font Terrestrial plant Pattern



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I am definitely interested in playing along although I don't have much of a car collection to be that useful yet...

As a rug racer I would say that size is certainly about right for me.

I agree though that some R3s at the end of the main straight might be a good modification. Although I don't have any yet, they are next on my list.
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The problem with using a bridge as a crossing is ensuring that everyone ends up with exactly the same gradient of incline. I'm sure it's possible to standardise this somehow though.
I have had the most popular variant of the proposed test tracks out for a few days now.

I have just tried running a few of my meagre collection around it but have singularly failed to come close to any of Sean's times with comparable cars.

All the cars are digital as I only have timing for digital cars.

3.0 Boxster (S/R) (dual 1/2 strength magnets used as a pace car)
3.2 Boxster (S/R) standard
3.4 Aston DBR9 standard

The session was hampered by the fact that I couldn't get my only DPR chip out of the Aston to test a Ferrari F430. Also I had to ease off very early on the straight in the Boxster as otherwise it seemed to get stuck on full throttle and hurtled off into a tactically placed beanbag. I think it could do with a newer more reliable chip fitting...

Sorry these results aren't especially helpful and only really highlight my poor driving!

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QUOTE (distantkiwi @ 10 May 2010, 22:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Seriously do you have an xlc on the straight. If so do you know about the xlc fix?

distantkiwi - The xlcs were the first thing I removed yesterday, but unfortunately they didn't make much difference.

Sean - great tips! I spent an hour or so carefully cleaning all the track surface and then squeezing all the little deeley bits on the underside of the track. Some of them were worryingly loose. I broke the track in one place and measured the resistance around the rails. Before squeezing I had 1.5 ohms and 6.0 ohms. After squeezing, both rails of the inner lane measured 0.7 ohms which is my multimeters recording when the outputs are shorted.

I didn't have anything suitable for greasing the rail bullets so I had to leave them. But I was wondering if something like Copper Ease might be a good conductive grease to try on them?

Anyway I then gave my tyres a good clean with some gaffa tape and was amazed how much black came off! The difference was staggering...

2.5 Boxster (S/R) 2x 1/2 strength magnet
2.7 Boxster (S/R) standard
2.9 DBR9 standard

QUOTE (hankscorpio @ 11 May 2010, 14:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>so we will each need a "callsign"

I'll get in early and have ALW if I may please?
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Just had a fun session with my new Scalextric Peugeot 908 HDI FAP 2009. Man alive the thing is quick!

I managed a best time of 2.4s and I suspect in the right hands it could be hurried around a whisker quicker. Could it even challenge that Slot it McLaren sitting pretty at the top of the table?

QUOTE (hankscorpio @ 17 Jun 2010, 13:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Alan

Nice time with the pug.... gonna take the mag out and try it again???

Thanks Sean,

I would try it without the magnet but having experimentally dismantled it once out of curiosity, I now know what a complete pig it is to reassemble!
Just taken my beautiful new Ferrari 250 GTO Stirling Moss out for a spin around the track. It managed a quite absurd time of 2.6s. I think when I take it apart again to fit the diode for tail and brake lights, I will whip out the magnet...

I improved my Boxster time slightly to 2.6s and I also noticed they are down as being a sidewinder in the list, and mine (at least) is inline.

With some new sport tyres my Aston DBR9 was down to 2.7s from 2.9.

I am still convinced I can get the Peugeot 908 around in 2.3, but not tonight as my best was a tantalisingly close 2.370.

Still a good evenings driving.
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