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Slot forum test track....

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After finally getty my own track up and running and tuning some of my own cars GregK had a good suggestion about a way to compare models we don't own against the one we do...

The idea was simple we develop a "test track design" from commonly available parts that any of us could build on the "Rug" for a test session.. By only using times to 1/10 th of a second even the analogue lap counter timer can be used and removes the competitive element! hopefully

The idea is to see not who is the fastest racer but what are the fastest cars and by how much on a "standard" track then by timing cars with "Mods" we can see which ones worked best etc.... as long as we are all honest of course... which of course we would be!

All we would need is a "track design" to begin with to start to build up a table of the best cars... Any ideas, designs etc for the track appreciated.

So who is up for doing some testing of their cars.... if we can find a dozen or so people who would like to play could make for some intersting results...

I'm game... digital or analogue it doesn't matter all are welcome.


This has turned out to be a very successful (and long) thread. It's been requested that the final test track layout be
replicated here at the beginning where it's easy to find for reference. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, hope this helps...

Rectangle Slope Font Terrestrial plant Pattern



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Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

once we have a layout, we could set it up using Ninco, Carrera, SCX, Scaley.... no matter what.

In the list, besides the car, we would just have to jot down

-which track

- which tyres

- mag no mag

So this could be a cool list.

BTW. I would suggest, to use 1/100 sec accuracy, as 1/10 is rather coarse.


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Hi Hank,

nice space-saver- layout. I would replace the R2-straight-R2-straight-R2-R2 on the left side by a fast curve (R3 or R4). Easier to drive and should tell more about the car, as currently there are - ignoring the hairpin - only R2's in the layout.

Following the feedback of the others, it seems that there will only be a Scaley version, so I am out of the game with my Ninco thing.

If someone was interested in setting this up as Ninco the crossing has to be left out.


Hi all,

I agree, a bridge does not add to it and makes it more difficult to compare lap times.

I would like to suggest the following layout:

Size for Ninco (Scaley should be a bit smaller): 2.84mx1.32m
Track length of inner lane: 11,37m
Racing is done on the inner lane

Pros (imho):
- Should suite at least Scaley, Ninco, SCX
- No crossing
- Mostly, inner lane is used - not many borders required
- R1 is taken on the outside as the inner lane is too tight in my opinion, therefore outer borders are added there.
- R1, R2, R3 included
- If required, size can be reduced by removing straight pieces from the horizontal straights.
- Change-over for (simple) handling test

- No chicane
- You will tell me more

BTW: Anyone here who would like to do that for Ninco?

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Nice proposal.

Long straight, EssEss and R1 included, no R3 as requested by some..

Works with Ninco also. Length of inner lane is 7.41m:

Imho two drawbacks:

- Width of 3.5m.
- R1 is taken on the inner lane.

However, I would vote for this one.


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option F is just a copy of option E with Ninco track. I just wanted to show, that there is no problem in doing this layout with another track system.

Please remove option F from the poll.

as already stated I'll also vote for E/F (in fact F as I go with Ninco).

I strongly suggest running counterclock-wise. Running into an R1 hairping from a 7-piece-straight isn't really fun.

I prefer negotiating through the EssEss, diving into the hairpin and then accelerating down the straight.

I think the skill of the driver won't make the difference on this simple track. Most will be able to learn this track very easily.

I think it will be the cars and their set-up. I'm very keen on knowing how good my cars are, compared to others.

As Mr. Flippant said, I think there will be in-depth-discussions about the best tuning and set-up of the cars...

Fine to have AAWSC here, so I'm not the only one doing it in Ninco


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Did some testing on F with Ninco.

Hey, this track is more ambitious than I thought it would be. Makes fun.

Remarks: The track is a bit bumpy, as I had to build it above my existing track. Also track has to be cleaned better.
Better times should be possible.

However, here you are:

Direction: counterclockwise, all cars no mag but lead, 12V

about 3.1 secs: Group C cars, SlotAngels Silicones
about 3.1 secs: Ninco JGTC Ninco NC5, SlotAngels Silicones
about 3.2 secs: Alfa 33, Supertyres
about 3.3 secs: Ninco Porsche 911, NC2, SlotAngels Silicones, Alu rims
about 3.6 secs: Pioneer Bullit, Supertyres
about 3.7 secs: Scaley Ford Grand Torino, Standard Tyres
about 3.8 secs: Revell Trabant, Standard Tyres
about 3.9 secs: Fly Truck Sisu, Standard Tyres


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ZITAT(hankscorpio @ 6 May 2010, 23:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>tell you what though that Grand torino time with no magnet is an absolute corker of a lap... great driving mate... veryimpressed...

Thanks hankscorpio.
Honestly, I do not think I set a record with that. I expect to be those times something like "average".
I think we just see the differences between the two brands Ninco and Scaley.
Will be very interesting watching other times posted here.


set up the test track again and did some more testing.
This time:
- clean track
- flat surface
- Test with 12V and 13.8 V
- Voltage supply: stabilized power supply, 0-25 V, 0-3 Amps

All Cars almost OOTB, but lead added and tires have been changed.
As the cars with their current motors are quite aggressiv, I was assumed there would be no improvement on giving higher Voltage. I event thought my times would be slower with 13.8V. So lets see what happened:

Concerning 12 and 13.8 V, my findings are:
- Using 13.8V makes cars harder to handle
- May lead to slight improvements in top-lap-times
- May also lead to worse lap times, as car is harder to handle.
- Differences on this track only in the area of 0.01secs.

PS: No testing of Scalex Grand Torino, this time, as there are problems with this one
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pls find my updated Ninco times below.
All cars no mag, lead added, 12V
Lap Scale Scale
time m/sec M/sec Km/sec Sign Car
2.896 2.552 182.67 293.97 DGU Sauber C9, Inliner, SlotAngels Silicones
2.902 2.547 182.29 293.36 DGU Jaguar XJR9, Inliner, SlotAngels Silicones
2.927 2.525 180.73 290.85 DGU Lancia LC2, Inliner, SlotAngels Silicones
2.935 2.518 180.24 290.06 DGU Audi R8, Inliner, SlotAngels Silicones
2.997 2.466 176.51 284.06 DGU Nissan R390, Inliner, SlotAngels Silicones
3.021 2.446 175.11 281.80 DGU Sauber C9, Inliner, Supertires instead of SlotAngels (see above)
3.065 2.411 172.60 277.76 DGU Alfa 33/3 Sidewinder, Supertires
3.068 2.409 172.43 277.49 DGU McLaren F1 GTR, Inliner, SlotAngels Silicones
3.106 2.379 170.32 274.09 DGU Ninco Ascari, NC5 Anglewinder, SlotAngels Silicones
3.112 2.375 169.99 273.56 DGU Fly Porsche 908, SlotAngels Silicones
3.151 2.345 167.88 270.18 DGU Ninco Porsche 911, NC2 Inliner, SlotAngels Silicones, Alu Rims
3.235 2.284 163.53 263.16 DGU Ninco WRCPeugeot 307, Supertires
3.291 2.246 160.74 258.68 DGU Ninco WRC MitsubishiLancer, Supertires
3.338 2.214 158.48 255.04 DGU Scalextric Lotus Super Sever, Supertires
3.406 2.170 155.32 249.95 DGU Pioneer Bullit, Sidewinder, Supertires
3.421 2.160 154.63 248.85 DGU Ninco Raid VW Tuareg, standard tires
3.447 2.144 153.47 246.98 DGU Scalextric Ford Grand Torino, Supertires
3.480 2.124 152.01 244.63 DGU Fly Ferrari 512S, standard tires
3.531 2.093 149.82 241.10 DGU Scalextric F1-Ferrari 156, Supertires
3.545 2.085 149.23 240.15 DGU Pink Car Ferrari GTO, Supertires
3.549 2.082 149.06 239.88 DGU Scalextric F1-Cooper Climax, Supertires
3.616 2.044 146.30 235.43 DGU Ninco Go-Kart, Supertires
3.671 2.013 144.10 231.91 DGU Fly Truck Buggyra, standard tires
3.743 1.974 141.33 227.45 DGU Fly Truck Sisu, standard tires
3.833 1.928 138.01 222.10 DGU Scalextric F1-Ferrari 375, standard tires
3.934 1.878 134.47 216.40 DGU Revell Trabant, standard tires
4.012 1.842 131.86 212.20 DGU Scalextric F1-Cooper Climax, standard tires
4.019 1.839 131.63 211.83 DGU Scalextric F1-Eagley Gurney Weslake, standard tires
4.057 1.822 130.39 209.84 DGU Scalextric F1-Vanwall, standard tires
4.140 1.785 127.78 205.63 DGU Scalextric Mini Cooper Monte Carlo, standard tires
4.230 1.747 125.06 201.26 DGU Scalextric F1-Lotus 49, standard tires.

Come on guys, add some times...

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...seems I did not hear a sonic boom.

Must have been scale MPH/KMH.

...bad, I cannot edit that any more :-(

Well done, hankscorpio

Looks like you had to do some hard work.

Very interesting results. Especially, this extreme fast ProSlot 911 by RIM!!!
Also interesting, that most Scalextric guys chose to run with magnet.

Looking forward to some more Ninco times, seems I'm alone

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How cool is that?????

Looking forward to your results?

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