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I built up one of thes Arii RX7's a few months back the body fits on the ninco Saxo chassis perfectly (in wheel base though some trimming needed width wise) Mine is painted bright orange and i used the black five spoke wheels from the TVR 400R (scaley) for the interior i used a Scaley sierra cossy. Looks cool though my painting skills aren't that great

I also found that the Arii Supra fits the SCX Scoobie chassis perfectly
therefore able to make the model 4WD just like the real one. I again used a cossy interior and ninco dtm wheels.
Also got to 911's, 260z, 2X Skylines, and some great mongram cameros, mustangs and Vettes to turn in to slots as well as 2 x 55 Chevy's that i am really looking forward to working on i have wanted a slotty 55 for as long as i can remmember
And a recent purchase of a ZZ Top Hot rod (the wonder of e-bay)

These kits are a great intro to scratch building and slot conversions, If you are thinking of giving it a go try it its great fun and you will waiste hours / days / weeks / well you get the picture.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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